WORLD FIRST: autonomous street sweeper

Trombia Technologies is a Finnish street maintenance technology developer. They have unveiled the world’s first autonomous street sweeper device.

“Current vehicle technology relies on the suction performance that was invented in the 1950s,” says Antti Nikkanen, CEO, Trombia Technologies.

The company also said that they do not want to enter the 2020s green and sustainable era with such an outdated solution. Therefore, the company created a Trombia Free device to solve this problem.

According to the company, this street sweeper created by them has the potential to cut 3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Trombia’s street sweeper device

First and foremost, this device goes by the name of Trombia Free Cleaning. It consumes less than 15% power required by heavy suction sweeping technologies used nowadays.

Besides, this device is the first diesel-fueled heavy equipment vehicle that has been electrified without affecting the power and performance capabilities. Trombia Free is also the first street cleaning in the world when it comes to operating autonomously in all-weather condition. It can run in both modern smart cities and industrial destinations.

Moreover, Trombia Free units are equipped with many technologies. For instance, this equipment including an all-weather autonomous, lidar-based and machine vision technology. The purpose of machine vision technology is to filter the noise coming from the environment in different weather conditions.

Furthermore, the company has developed an advanced algorithm to absorb data on objects from different sources and to generate millions of illustrations of the objects at once. As a result, it enables precise and safe localization in all-weather conditions.

Plans for Trombia Free Cleaning device

The company developed this Trombia street sweeping technology in 2013. They then entered the market with sweeper attachments in 2017. The attachments of Trombia sweeper are currently available and sold in seven countries. These countries include North America and Northern and Central Europe. The carbon-free autonomous product is expected to roll-out through a Pilot Programme in 2021.

“Starting in January 2021 we will start a 12-month commercial pilot programme for different applications,” says Jaakko Happonen, founder of Trombia Technologies.

To conclude, the company hopes this carbon-free street sweeper can help to save the planet. They believe that this revenue-share model with contractors will be an efficient and more sustainable way to deliver cleaner streets and cleaner urban air.


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WORLD FIRST: High-power electric, autonomous street sweeper launched

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