World business: What is a stock market crash?

World business: The stock market crash

World business: The stock market keeps moving, prices of individual equities rising and falling throughout the trading day.

Stock market crash

A stock market crash is a condition where hundreds of investments decline their value. Here is info on what a stock market crash really is.

The stock market crash is a significant loss in the stock market’s value and the prices of shares,

This will happen when confidence or value placed in publicly traded assets goes down. Therefore, it is causing investors to sell their positions.

The impact of a crash can vary as well.  Ultimately, the crash was one of the contributing factors to the Great Depression. Furthermore, the worst economic period in the world.

  • Panic: Stockholders who fear the value of their investments. When dropping, they will sell shares to protect their money. Therefore,  as prices begin to drop, more sales ensue, and this can lead to a crash.
  • Natural or man-made disasters: For example, catastrophes, such as floods, wars, and pandemics. It causes travel limitations, mandatory business shutdowns, and quarantines. Therefore,  investors started selling off stocks.
  • Economic crises: A problem in industry or one section of the economy often has a ripple effect.

Prevention of market crash

In fact, governments give safeguards to prevent severe drops and upsets in market stability.

Based on the severity of the drop, trading can end for either a 15-minute period or the rest of the day. The purpose of this measure is to give analysts and investors time to gather enough accurate information before making trade decisions. 
World business: The stock market crash

The stock market crash is a significant loss in the stock market’s value and the prices of shares,


In a nutshell, the natural cycle of markets is to rise and fall.

The crashes in the stock market will affect economies inevitably bounce back. So,  invest carefully to minimize risks and pay attention to economic conditions.


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What is a stock market crash? Understanding its causes and consequences can help investors prepare for a sudden, severe drop in share prices



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