Why does the US election result delay?

US election result
Election officials count absentee ballots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photo: GETTY IMAGES/Scott Olson

Five states have yet to be called, partly due to some Republican-led state legislatures allowing early processing.

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed to win the U.S. presidential election. The votes yet to be counted once again focus on a major uncertainty in the 2020 election. When will we know the final result?

Depending on what happens, it may take days, weeks or even months.

What usually happens?

The U.S. presidential election is not won by universal elections. The winner of each state will collect votes for its electoral college. A total of 270 votes are required to win the White House.

In most elections, although there is no official confirmation, the results must be clear before midnight. Major American media have “appealed” to one of the candidates in each state. Although not based on the final number of votes, the prediction is almost always accurate.

This means that it is possible to accurately count the votes of the electoral college and announce the winner. In 2016, this happened at 2:30 in the morning in Washington, when Trump reached the required 270.

Why didn’t it happen this time?

Mainly because of the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of voters (including mail) voted as early as possible (68% of the total, compared to 34% in 2016).

Counting postal votes is slower because it is necessary to check the signatures and addresses of voters and witnesses and sort the ballots before sending them to the counting machine. Some states started this verification process long before election day, which means that an inventory can be taken once the polls are over.

However, since the Republican-led state legislature rejected the urgent request of local election officials to pass a new law to allow more time for voting, there was no early processing in many key battlefield states this year. This kind of refusal in Pennsylvania has created a large backlog in cities such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, increasing from about 6,000 mailed votes in 2016 to 350,000 this year.

Which states are we talking about?

Biden 1 state away from victory, edges ahead in Georgia, Pennsylvania |  Daily Sabah

Five states are not yet know: Alaska, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Several news organizations, including the Associated Press and Fox News, called Arizona for Joe Biden. The Trump campaign is arguing, but the call is premature.

Alaska will undoubtedly enter the Republican column.

The race in Georgia is very tense, and the Secretary of State has announced a recount. Biden led Trump by 1,097 votes on Friday morning, with 99% of the votes reportedly.

In Nevada, the Democratic Party’s challengers are far ahead. Only the Democratic Party’s postal votes can settle accounts. But according to state law, as long as the ballots are received at 5 pm on November 10th. They can be counted as ballots based on election day. It means that the state’s ballots can last through the weekend.

In North Carolina, although Trump is clearly the favorite, the state still accepts postal votes until November 12-although this is not expected to bring much change. State officials said that the full results will not be known until next week.

Biden led in Pennsylvania on Friday morning. He has been winning mail-in votes by a huge margin and is likely to win votes from the state. Pennsylvania officials originally hoped to get the most votes by the end of Friday, but as Biden’s lead expanded, the process continued until Saturday.

US election 2020: live count of the race to the White House and  state-by-state breakdown of Senate races

What else complicates things?

As long as there is a postmark no later than November 3, about half of the states will accept postal votes that arrive after election day. Thus, postal delays may mean that some votes will have to wait a few days to process. Pennsylvania says it will not consider The result is until the deadline on Friday.

According to reports, there has also an increase in temporary voting by people who requested postal voting but later decided to go to the polling station in person. These need to be checked carefully to make sure that no one voted twice.

The real big unknown: controversial results

In the 2000 election, Democratic candidate Al Gore lost Florida with nearly 5 million votes (nearly 6 million in total). It made him lose the election. After a controversial recount and a Supreme Court ruling, George W. Bush has declared the winner.

According to reports, more than 300 lawsuits have allegedly violated the 2020 election law. According to reports, more allegations of postal voting violations and changes to voting rules because of the pandemic.

Trump and his campaign have sued this week to stop the counting of votes in Pennsylvania and Georgia and Michigan. But Georgia, the Associated Press has not yet convened. The Associated Press has called on Biden. Judges in Georgia and Michigan quickly dismissed the campaign lawsuit on Thursday.

Trump’s campaign also called for a recount in Wisconsin, and the Associated Press called on Biden.

There is no evidence that the legal challenges of election campaigns will affect the results of elections held in accordance with the law.

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When will we know the US election result – and why the delay?

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