Why is Malaysia having slow Internet speed?


During MCO

The Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) has uncovered that most telco clients were not satisfied with the nature of their Internet speed during the development control request (MCO). The finding depends on an online survey conducted by CFM back in July to gather customers’ feedback on its Internet availability plan.

As a result, CFM demonstrated that three of every five Malaysians were not encountering the Internet speed that was guaranteed by their telco suppliers.

Consumers are likewise urged to contact their telcos with their objections by giving nitty gritty data about the issues that they are confronting. On the off chance that the issue isn’t settled, at that point consumers are encouraged to file a report to CFM through a coordinated entry with MCMC.

The MCO in Malaysia has resulted in a drastic rise in the demand for Internet usage across the country.

It’s the same even before MCO

It is not a new issue that only happens during MCO. Malaysia is one of the country having a very slow Internet speed as compared to other advanced countries. As a Malaysian, we have always been bearing with this crazy stuff: watching a drama or a movie online with the loading speed, finishing a 30-minute long video in 1 hour. Even if we have high-speed internet at home, sometimes it is just unavoidable to be caught in a ‘jam’ especially during peak hours.

Possible reasons for the slow internet speed

The surge in bandwidth demand is the main reason as granted by the CFM executive. An IT proficient says the relatively drowsy web speed in Malaysia is to a great extent because of framework issues. This is on the grounds that specific zones are not the objective market of broadcast communications organizations and probably won’t have pinnacles to recognize a sign. However, it still depends on the telco that you chose.

The expanded utilization of video conferencing, learning and shopping over the Internet has made the need for bandwidth unavoidable. Aside from that, the adherence to the MCO by remaining inside consistently when everybody was exceptionally reliant on a web network to telecommute and remain associated.

In fact, MCMC likewise reported 23.5 per cent higher Internet traffic across the country (for both fixed and portable broadband services) during the first week of the MCO. Then, the second week of the MCO saw a further increment of 8.6 per cent. The similar trend can also be seen in other countries around the globe with a phenomenal increment in bandwidth usage.

Partially of world ranking internet speed

Based on one online research about the internet speed done in August 2020, it is divided into two categories. One is Mobile and another one is fixed broadband. Fixed broadband is always higher speed than the mobile data. South Korea leads the mobile list while Singapore leads the fixed broadband ranking. South Korea with an increment of one place to top the list with 113.01Mbps. Following is China with 111.26Mbps. For fixed broadband, our neighbour country, Singapore always grabs the fastest internet speed with 218.07Mbps. The second and third places are Hong Kong (205.69Mbps) and Romania (175.39Mbps) respectively.

Our country, Malaysia situated in the 84th (24.69Mbps) for mobile with an increment of 1 place. For fixed broadband, Malaysia remains in the same place which is no. 41st (87.90Mbps).

The global average download and upload speeds are 34.82Mbps and 10.99Mbps for mobile data. For broadband speeds, the global average download and upload speeds are 84.33Mbps and 44.10Mbps respectively. Based on these results, there is an increment for the internet speed from time to time. However, Malaysia still needs more improvement. As a Malaysian, we all hope to have high-speed internet to improve our daily productivity.

The global average speeds for mobile and fixed broadband.



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