Why Is LinkedIn Important For Your Company in Malaysia

Why LinkedIn Is Important For Your Company in Malaysia

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. They launched the app on May 5, 2003, the main use of the platform is for professional networking. They also allow job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs. It is also a very popular platform for both entrepreneurs and professionals alike. However, not everyone knows the importance of this platform for their professional careers ahead. Here is why LinkedIn is important for your company in Malaysia.

Why LinkedIn is important for your company in Malaysia

Why LinkedIn Is Important For Your Company in Malaysia: It can help rank your name on google

1. It can help rank your name on Google

Chances are, if you apply for a job, one of the first things an employer will do is Google your name. Even emailing a new client could result in a Google sweep of your name.

If you’ve never Google’d yourself, now’s the time. What pops up on the first page of results?

Here’s another benefit of LinkedIn: Ranking on Google’s first page can be difficult, but LinkedIn is a well-known and powerful network — and Google’s into it. Because of that, it’s typically easier to get your LinkedIn page to rank on Google versus your homemade website or online portfolio. If your LinkedIn profile is the first thing a prospective employer will see, then maybe it’s time to get one … or edit your existing one to stand out among the crowd.

Why LinkedIn Is Important For Your Company in Malaysia: You can tap into it's powerful job board

2. You can tap into its powerful job board

What are the benefits of LinkedIn? You’ll find a number of reasons in this list, but let’s start at square one: You can search its robust job board — and even apply to jobs — through the networking platform.

Search jobs by keywords and location. Even if you’re not actively seeking new employment, you can set job alerts based on your career interests to regularly receive email updates and stay in the loop.

You can also be sneaky about it. If you’re connected with co-workers and managers, turn on your “I’m interested” button, which will let recruiters know you’re open to hearing about new opportunities. LinkedIn will hide this open invitation from folks at your current company.

With LinkedIn’s premium account, you can access even more information about job openings. Send direct messages to recruiters, see how you compare to other applicants via insights, and even gain instant access to salary insights. While LinkedIn Premium is free for the first month, it’s not absolutely necessary if you don’t want to splurge on the RM 120 monthly fee.

3. You can research companies and their employees

Sure, if you’re applying for jobs you can access openings from other job boards; there are plenty of those out there. However, LinkedIn offers other perks.

These days, many companies maintain their own LinkedIn pages where they’ll update company information, share company news and insight, and showcase current employees. If the company knows what it’s doing, you should get a good, solid feel for its culture and its people to make sure it’s a fit for you before diving into the interview process or accepting a job.

Network, network, network!

4. Network, network, network!

Can we emphasize this enough? LinkedIn is such an important networking tool.

Even if you’re an introvert and hate networking events, you can still foster meaningful LinkedIn connections. Through LinkedIn, you can build a relationship with mutual connections, folks in your field, and even your greatest role models.

Why LinkedIn Is Important For Your Company in Malaysia: You can build your brand

5. You can build your brand

Just like companies build their brands, it’s important for you to build your professional brand online. How do you stand out from others in your industry? What makes you marketable? Why should someone pay you six figures?

Personal websites are great for this, but they often come with extra costs — and hours and hours of building and finessing. LinkedIn is a simple way to put your name on the professional map. Upload a professional profile picture and write a powerful summary that emphasizes your strengths and showcases your personality. When recruiters, employers, co-workers, and managers peruse your profile, they should be able to gain a strong understanding of who you are and what skills you bring to the table.

Key takeaways

By knowing why LinkedIn is important for your company in Malaysia, you give yourself a headstart over others who have still yet to understand. Most importantly, it’s totally free, so why wait?


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