Why is coding important for students?

In this modern world, computers are indeed indispensable to us. Online games on the computer have replaced our old board games gradually. Besides, a lot of existing jobs have also been replaced by technology amid pandemic. Therefore, able to learn these technology skills since young is vital for the students.



As a result, The National Education Policy (NEP) has introduced Coding. Students can have more exposure to the technology while at the same time, create a path to a new world of innovation through Coding. Educators believe that it can help with analytical thinking to the new generations. They will help in developing problem-solving skills in subjects like maths, science and humanities.


Importance of Coding at a young age:

Enhance entrepreneurial skill

Coding can help in developing the creativity and analytical thinking of a student. It then prepares them to become future entrepreneurs.


Easier to learn when young

When kids are in their early age, they can adapt and learn anything easier. Therefore, it is best to introduce Coding to them as they have higher learning power at this age. They can also learn it like other foundational subjects and make them ready for the future.

Have the ability to create and innovate

Children are at a stage where they have a mind full of ideas. By learning Coding, they can use their imagination to create a program and software. Subsequently, their imagination and creativity skills can be enhanced.


Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

Identifying problems and breaking them into different aspects and remove the errors is one of the elements of Coding. Children and students can find out their way of solving problems by learning it. Moreover, computer programmers also have to test various codes before finding a solution. On one hand, students need patient and persistence when solving problems in coding. On the other hand, they will learn the ways of approaching the problem with logic.


Motivate algorithmic thinking

Coding needs students to use the strategy in deciding which formulas they need to apply to solve the problem. Therefore, not only their coding skills will improve, but their math skills will also be enhanced. Consequently, students can show better results in other tests.

According to College Board data, students who take the AP computing exam scores better in AP Calculus and Statistics compare to students who previously performed at an identical level in math.



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How coding is important for student in the era of Artificial Intelligence



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