What is Information Technology?

Information technology

Basically, the definition of information technology is the application of technology to solve business or organizational problems on a broad scale. Every member of the information technology(IT) department works with each other to solve technology problems. 


Pillars of responsibility for an IT department

1.IT governance

Firstly, information technology governance refers to the combination of policies and processes that ensure IT systems run effectively and align with the need of the organizations

2.IT operations

Secondly, information technology operations is a catchall category for the daily work of an IT department and their work scope includes providing technical support, network maintenance, security testing and device management.

3.Hardware and infrastructure

Thirdly, this refers to all the physical components of IT infrastructure. This pillar of IT consists of the setup and maintenance of equipment like routers, servers, phone systems and individual devices like laptops.


The importance of information technology

Information technology

Normally, the work of most organizations would slow to a crawl without functioning IT systems. Maintaining a standard level of service, security and connectivity is a huge task, but it’s not the only focus or challenge for IT specialists. As a result of the advance in technology nowadays, More and more companies want to implement more intuitive and sophisticated solutions. So, let’s have a look at the needs that current and future IT specialist will be working on:

1.Data overload

A large volume of data is generated and processed by businesses. Therefore, this requires large amounts of processing power, sophisticated software and human analytical skills.

2.Mobile and wireless usages

More employers are offering remote work options such as work from home that require smartphones, tablets and laptops with wireless hotspots and roaming ability.

3.Cloud services

Most businesses no longer operate their own “server farms” to store massive amounts of data. Many businesses now work with cloud services—third-party hosting platforms that maintain that data.

4.Bandwidth for video hosting

Video conferencing solutions have become more popular. So, more network bandwidth is needed to support them sufficiently.

Consequently, the employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13 per cent from 2016 to 2026.




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