What is Clubhouse App? Here is an introduction


The app named Clubhouse has taken social media circles by storm. Paul Davison, the entrepreneur of Silicon Valley and ex-Google employee Rohan Seth are the developers of the app. The speciality of this app is that it is based on audio-chat, which is kind of like a talkback radio or a conference call.


It is based on audio-chat.

Due to Elon Musk’s conservation with the chief of Robinhood Markets on the app, Clubhouse faced a sudden spike in downloads.


How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse creates a platform where people can join a room to listen to, or in some cases join the conversation within the app’s community. When a user opens the app, the user will be presented with a list of rooms. At the same time, there will also have a list to show who is in each room. Then the user can either join an existing chat room or create their own room, inviting new people and starting new conversations. Each room has moderators, speakers and listeners. Moderators are responsible to control people’s speaking privileges, even though listeners can “raise their hand” if they want to speak.



Users need to join live since the conversations are not saved. Besides, Clubhouse worked by invitation-only. This means that anyone who wants to join has to brought in by someone who already has an account. However, one can still download the app and put their name on the waiting list, but there’s no guarantee whether they can get an account in this way.

In addition, Clubhouse is currently only available for iPhone users. But Clubhouse’s CES said that the app will open up to everyone eventually, including Android users.


The downside of the app

Meanwhile, Clubhouse is not without controversy. Reports are saying that there are bullying and harassment on this platform. Moreover, the company has faced criticism as it does not have content moderation or safety features to block or report harassment.

According to a security research report by Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), certain vulnerabilities were discovered in the app. This then makes the app susceptible to spying by the Chinese government. Besides, the report added that a Shanghai-based company, known as Agora Inc provides the back-end infrastructure of the app.




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