What Android gets right that the iPhone gets so wrong

It's never easy to find a better smartphone than the iPhone. It is beautiful, it is fast, it is simple to use.

It’s never easy to find a better smartphone than the iPhone. It is beautiful, it is fast, it is simple to use, and as Steve Jobs would say, “It just works.” But Android isn’t any slouch, and it gets one crucial feature so right — and it is a feature that Apple keeps screwing up.

Android is simply better at notifications.

Recently, Google (GOOGL) widened the gap between Android and iOS when it introduced Android 11. This new smartphone operating system makes the most annoying, intrusive thing about your phone easier to manage.

Notifications in Android 11 are now grouped into three categories: conversations, notifications, and silent. By separating conversations like WhatsApp, Messenger, texts, DMs, etc. from the remainder, it puts the most important stuff front and center, easier to notice.

Instead of relegating conversation notifications to the top of your screen, hiding them within the notification bar, Android overlays your screen with a little bubble with your buddy’s photo on that

Android 10 kinda, sorta achieved this by reordering your messages. When you pull down from the top of your screen in Android 10, rather than seeing your notifications in the order you received them, you see them in the order Google’s artificial intelligence thinks you will need to see them. That’s often, but not always, texts and conversations on top. By separating conversations, however, it takes lots of the AI guesswork out, making notification navigation easier.

But that’s not the simplest part of Android 11’s notification update. Google also created a brand new way to interact along with your friends and family, so you no longer need to hunt and peck around to get back to the conversation you were just having when your buddy texts you back. Chat bubbles are Android’s new method of making conversations more fluid.


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