Wearing spectacles may lower risk of coronavirus infection


Researchers in China had analyzed the hospital data of COVID-19 patients. From that, they noticed an odd trend: Very few of the infected patients wore spectacles. During the pandemic of COVID-19, researches in China noticed that lesser nearsighted patients in a hospital ward. Hence, they make suppositions that wearing glasses might reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

A hospital in Suizhou, China with 276 patients who were admitted over 47 days, has only 16 patients (less than 6%) had nearsightedness or myopia. These people are required to wear spectacles for more than 8 hours a day. To further illustrate, more than 30% of similar age people required spectacles for nearsightedness as shown in the research.

The study author claimed that “Wearing of eyeglasses is common among Chinese individuals of all ages. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, we observed that few patients with eyeglasses were admitted in the hospital.”

The observation “could be preliminary evidence that daily wearers of eyeglasses are less susceptible to COVID-19”, the authors speculated.

It may be the glasses that act as a partial barrier, protecting eyes from the splatter of sneeze or cough. Besides, another explanation could be that people who wear glasses tend to rub their eyes less often with their unclean hands.

However, the study was still small where it only involves fewer than 300 cases, compared to the infected cases around the world. Furthermore, Dr Lisa Maragakis, the associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine claimed that any factors could confound the data. She also claimed that it may be that wearing spectacles is just simply link to another factor that affects risk for COVID-19.

Health care workers with protective equipment.

In hospitals, health care workers wear protective equipment to protect them from the splatter of sneezes and coughs. Nonetheless, this extra level of protection probably isn’t required for the vast majority of people. They just need to protect themselves by wearing a face mask keeping physical distance. There is even the possibility of increasing the risk of coronavirus infection. This is because people would unwarily touch their faces when they put on glasses, noted Dr Maragakis.



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Does wearing glasses protect you from coronavirus and should you get yours?

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