Ways to reduce worries during pandemic


There are things you can do to keep up your spirits and maintain a sense of hope if you feel worried about the coronavirus pandemic.

While it is absolutely normal to feel concerned about the pandemic’s impact on daily life, there are some simple steps you can take to ease your worries.

Control Yourself

For example, follow social distancing, sanitize your hands frequently, and wear a mask in public. These steps are all important and help protect some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

We must familiar with the environment full of coronavirus and it is likely to go on for some time, so taking care of yourself can help you manage stress.

Life is busy and full of challenges, so it’s really crucial to make time every day to relax and have some fun.

Outdoor Activity

If the pandemic prevents you from going to the public areas such as shopping malls, try to get outdoors daily for some fresh air and go for a walk provided following the SOP.

Healthy Meals

Keep following the meal plan at home, eat as healthily as possible and get to bed at a suitable time.

Avoid digital device overnight

If you have a digital device such as a mobile phone or tablet, leaving it to charge in another room overnight will give your mind a good rest.

Thus don’t forget to switch off and have some breaks from screen time.

Sleep texting is turning into the new sleep talking — and it could get you in trouble - ABC News

Stay away from the digital device overnight help in promoting good sleeping.

Chit Chat

Having a chat with someone you trust if you’re having a hard time can also be very helpful.

For example, family members are a good counsellor. Tell them what’s been bothering you and face it together.

It’s also important to keep a sense of hope. Scientists around the world are working hard on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments and Australians are showing great resilience and kindness while looking after people.


In a nutshell, we will survive a hard time and face a good time soon.


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Simple steps to ease your worries in tough times



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