Warisan spread wings to West Malaysia

Warisan spread wings to West

KOTA KINABALU: Warisan is seriously considering spread its wings to West, confident that his message of “Unity” would be able to attract significant support across the sea.

Its Secretary-General, Loretto Padua Jr., said members need not worry about this. Because the theme of the Sabah-based party in West Malaysia will catch on.

“We are confident with what we have said and hold on to all this while, which is unity, let Sabah show them the way”. He said today during the annual general meeting of Warisan here.

On behalf of Deputy President Darell Leiking, Padua spoke at the launch of the party’s Women, Youth and Wirawati Wing meetings.

Loretto Padua.

Loretto Padua

Until proposing the plan at this afternoon’s AGM, which party president Shafie Apdal is expected to attend, the wings will discuss the extension.

Earlier, Azis Jamman, leader of Warisan Youth, said something big is going to happen very soon.”

He said it was unusual to hear of a Sabah party expanding its wings to the peninsula, adding that not only the leaders in West Malaysia. However, it also the people in general had drawn the attention of the previous state election.

Hopefully, it can considered at the central meeting,” the Sepanggar MP said.”

He admitted that representatives had some doubts as to whether it would be a safe idea to set foot on the peninsula.

But ‘we won’t know if we don’t try,’ as the saying goes.

When I was in Kuala Lumpur, strangers came up to me and said, ‘Thank you for adhering to your values’. They were pleased that despite the offers made for us to change sides, we are still with the party.

And they were asking me if Warisan was on the peninsula. There are MPs interested in joining us for your information,’ Azis claimed.

Political analysts had previously said that the “Unity” theme did not win Warisan’s state election on Sept 26. Because unity in Sabah was not an issue, but in West Malaysia it may be a completely different matter.

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Warisan looking to spread wings to West Malaysia

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