Walmart Turns 4 Stores into Technology Test Centres

Today, technology continues to evolve, grow and reshape in our world. Therefore, retailers have to find innovative ways to test new technology in the real environment. As a result, Walmart announced today that it plans to turn four stores into technology test centres to help shoppers in both physical locations and online.

The purpose of tech stores

According to John Crecelius, SVP of Associate Product and Next Generation Stores at Walmart, he said that physical retails stores are not only meant to serve in-store shoppers. At the same time, it meant to meet the needs of online shoppers too. For this reason, they came out with the idea of test stores. Their purpose is to find solutions that help Walmart stores operate as both physical shopping destinations and online fulfilment centres. They wanted to make it a way that has yet to be seen across the retail industry.

Besides, Walmart will use these tech stores to try out new technology and digital tools, while making other physical enhancements. These stores will also have product and technology teams work along with the staff to test ideas rapidly.


Changes made

Augmented reality with apps is one of the changes made. The team has developed an app recently that can reduce the time to get items from the backroom to the sales floor. Instead of scanning each box individually, associates just have to hold up a handheld device. Subsequently, the app will then use augmented reality to highlight the boxes that are ready to go. With this app, products can get on the shelf faster, which increases the efficiency of the whole process.

Walmart may view its ability to test products in physical stores to be more advantage than online retailers. It turns out the shoppers these days still buy things in both physical location and online. This will give the company opportunities to capture customer’s attention in more way.



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Walmart Turns Four Stores Into Technology Test Centers



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