VR headset: new product Apple is working on

VR headset

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple is currently working on developing a high-end virtual reality (VR) headset for a potential sales debut in 2022. The headset would include its own built-in processors and power supply. In addition, this headset could even feature a chip more powerful than the M1 Apple Silicon processor that Apple currently ships on its MacBook Air.

Bloomberg offers a caveat that these plans could suddenly change or cancel as Apple undoubtedly kills a lot of its projects even before launching them. 


Design of this VR headset

The report suggests the product could be roughly the size as the Oculus Quest, with a fabric exterior to help reduce weight. Next, its external cameras could also be used for the environment and hand tracking. It is possible that this VR headset will debut with its own App Store designed for VR content.


What Apple’s headset focus on?

The headset focuses mostly on VR, but will also include some augmented reality features, in a limited capacity. The purpose of using AR technology is to overlay visuals on real-world views fed in by external cameras. 


The price range of this VR headset

The headset will reportedly be even more expensive than some of the current higher-priced VR headsets in the market. The range of Apple headset can range up to nearly $1,000.


The marketing strategy of Apple’s headset

VR headset

The strategy of Apple towards this product is to create a high-tech, high-performance and high-priced device. Therefore, Apple intents to sell its VR headset initially as a low-volume niche device aimed at specialist customers. This strategy is similar to the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR that Apple currently sells. As a result, the strategy can help Apple to develop efficiencies and lower the production costs of technologies involved. It can then allow Apple to pave the way for more mass-market devices later.




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Apple said to be working a high-priced standalone VR headsets as debut mixed reality product

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