Vietnam’s factory caught for reselling used condoms


Vietnam’s police caught factory recycling used condoms

A factory in Vietnam near Ho Chi Minh city was caught to be recycling used condoms. The local police found around 324,000 used condoms and a few thousands recycled condoms in the factory. The purpose of recycling used condoms is to resale at the market as new condoms.

The factory’s owner, 34 years old women Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, is a former sex worker. She confessed that she got a continuous supply of used condoms from an unknown man in the province. The factory washed, sanitized, dried and reshaped the condoms using wooden dildos. Then, they packed the condoms in plastic bags and sold in Binh Duong province, according to the state-owned Tuoi Tre newspaper.

The factory uses wooden dildos to reshape the condoms.

Why reusing condom is not encouraged?

The function of a condom is to prevent pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections). The condoms act as a physical barrier to prevent male sperms from reaching the female’s eggs. Thus, it is important to use condoms properly.

Reusing condoms could lead to unwanted consequences. Elizabeth Torrone, an epidemiologist, said the incorrect use of condoms could reduce protectiveness and effectiveness of condoms. This causes breakage, slippage or leakage of condoms, which significantly diminishes its function. Washing condoms with soap and water will not remove the microorganisms such as Hepatitis C and HIV that probably present on the condom after sex. Hence, reusing condoms is risky as it increases the chances of pregnancy and STIs.

Why do people decide to reuse condoms?

Despite reusing condoms is not encouraged by the experts, there are still people who insist on using condoms for more than one time. One of the reasons could be the cost of purchasing condoms. Condoms could be expensive sometimes. For example, condom packs in Venezuela cost up to $755 due to economic conditions and short supply in the country. Some people might have difficulty to purchase more condoms, thus they decided to reuse it.

Another reason of reusing condoms is that some people might feel embarrassed about buying more condoms. There are still many people who refuse to discuss sex openly, even though it is a natural act.  Besides, the shortage of condoms also leads to the reusing of condoms since they are unable to purchase more condoms in the market. Lack of awareness is also one of the reasons for reusing condoms.

People might reuse condoms when the price surges to an unaffordable price.

The right way to dispose used condoms

It is important to dispose used condoms correctly to avoid any hygiene issues. The used condom should be detached from sex organ, wrapped in tissue while ensuring the fluid does not leak out, and throw it in the trash where nobody would handle it. People should not support the activity of recycling condoms by providing them used condoms or purchase recycled condoms to avoid health issue or unwanted pregnancy.


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