US sells Taiwan’s seven weapons


China has frequently engaged in military provocations against Taiwan recently, increasing tensions across the Taiwan Strait. In September, it was reported that the United States would sell Taiwan’s seven advanced weapons, three of which have recently been approved by the State Department. Three sources familiar with the situation revealed that the White House will soon notify Congress to sell weapons to Taiwan arms.

With the Trump administration, increasing pressure on China, as many as seven major weapons systems have entered the export process to Taiwan. An unnamed source said that the leading members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have been notified that three planned arms sales items have been approved by the State Department, and the State Council is responsible for overseeing foreign arms sales.

According to Reuters, the seven military weapons that the US will sell to Taiwan are the “MQ-9B SeaGuardian” that will deter amphibious landings, and the “High Maneuverability” produced by Lockheed Martin. Multiple Rocket System (HIMARS)”, “Harpoon”, “Smart Mine”, “M109A6 Paladin self-propelled gun”, “MH-60R Seahawk anti-submarine helicopter”, and Boeing Range Type Distance Outland Attack Missile (SLAM-ER)”.

MQ-9B SeaGuardian

The U.S. plans to sell three batches armaments to Taiwan

According to the Reuters report, according to sources, the White House is currently promoting the sale of Taiwan’s advanced weapons. Recently, it has issued an arms sales notice to Congress for three weapon systems, pending approval by the Congress. The three weapons systems are different. It is the “High Mobility Multiple Launch Rocket System”, “Extended Range Outland Attack Missile”. Also, an external sensor pod installed on the F-16 fighter plane. Which can transmit images and data from the fighter plane back to the ground platform in real time. The source also said that arms sales to Taiwan such as “Marine Guardian UAV”, “Smart Mine”. Moreover, “Shore-mounted Harpoon Missile” is also expected to come soon.

However, following US law, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee have the power to block the government’s foreign arms sales. The U.S. State Department responded: “From a policy perspective, the U.S. government will not recognize or comment on the arms sales case under discussion or before the arms sales case is sent to Congress.”

Taiwan hopes the US to provide weapons continuously

Rumour has it that the White House is promoting the sale of Taiwan’s advanced weapons. In this regard, Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie said today (13th) that he has not yet received notification. But thanked the United States for continuing to provide our defence weapons under the six guarantees to Taiwan and the Taiwan Relations Act. He also hopes that the United States will continue to sell our applications of defensive projects.

Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie

Besides, to revitalize tourism, the government is studying the formation of a “tourism bubble” with Palau. Initially planning to limit group tours. Wu Zhaoxie said in response that the President of Palau has made relevant suggestions to us. As long as it conforms to the epidemic prevention plan of the Central Epidemic Command Center. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will go all out and be optimistic about its success. As for the future “tourism bubble” will extend to Southeast Asian countries? Wu Zhaoxie said that because there is no epidemic in Palau, the chance of success is quite high. But Southeast Asian countries have not yet considered it.


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