US presidential election: Biden breaks Obama’s record for most votes

US presidential election
Former Vice President Joe Biden has broken Barack Obama’s popular vote record set in 2008
The US presidential election is still in the process of counting votes. This US presidential election is actively voting and the turnout rate is expected to exceed 65%. According to US media reports, the Democratic presidential candidate Biden has won more votes than any presidential candidate in US presidential election history and even surpassed the record set by former President Obama in 2008. It also surpassed Hillary Clinton’s 66 million votes in 2016.
According to reports, Biden has received more than 71 million votes. This was surpassing Obama’s high of approximately 69.5 million 12 years ago. As of Wednesday night, Biden had more than 3 million more votes than President Trump. There are still millions of votes to be counted, Trump’s final total votes may also exceed Obama’s previous record.
The US media have not yet announced the winners of the presidential race, because several key states including Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia have not yet announced the winners. Many regions are still counting votes.
Biden not only won more than 70 million popular votes, but the electoral vote has also reached 264 votes. According to the US general election rules, as long as the electoral votes can get 270 votes, the president can be determined.

Biden breaks Obama’s record for most votes

According to the latest figures from Fox News, Biden’s popular vote has reached more than 71.71 million votes. Trump won more than 68.37 million popular votes, which is a significant increase from four years ago, surpassing the 62.98 million votes he received in 2016. Even Obama got more votes than in 2012, making him the third-highest candidate in American history.
Biden's popular vote has reached more than 71.71 million votes in US presidential election

Biden’s popular vote has reached more than 71.71 million votes in US presidential election

This also represents a record-high voter turnout rate in the current US general election. However, even if Biden sets a new record and the US adopts the “Electoral College” system for indirect elections. It is difficult to estimate from the popular vote who will win the final victory.
The counting of votes is not over yet, and the Trump camp has announced that “in order to ensure meaningful election transparency, the court will be required to temporarily suspend the counting of votes in Pennsylvania until the Republican Party can ensure that all counting of votes is fair and completely legal.” In addition, Michigan. Reversed by Biden, the Trump camp has also filed a lawsuit in the Michigan State Court of Claims, requesting the State of Michigan to suspend the counting of votes.

NBC poll: Biden’s support from black men is not as good as Obama

Although Biden was once the deputy to Obama’s first black president in the history of the United States, an exit poll conducted by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) shows that only 80% black men support Biden. This is slightly lower compared with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 82%, far less support than Obama was elected twice.
National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)

National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)

In the 2012 election when Obama was re-elected, 87% of black men’s support was lower than 95% in 2008. In other words, the proportion of black men voting for the Democratic presidential candidate has fallen for the third consecutive year. The proportion of black women who voted for Biden still reached 91%, a not so obvious drop.

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