US hits more than 100,000 new cases in a day for the first time

US new cases
US reach more than 100,000 new cases while they waiting for the US Elections result. Photo: The New York Times/Jeenah Moon

While waiting for the US elections result, the total count of new infections on Wednesday was more than 107,800. According to a New York Times database. In the past week, 23 states recorded more cases than any other 7 days.

The numbers reported by the Covid Tracking Project have been accompanied by a sharp rise in the number of hospitalizations. It suggests that this is not only due to the increase in testing.

More than 1,100 coronavirus-related deaths were recorded on Wednesday.

In the post US elections tensions in the United States, the tight votes cast a shadow over the Covedy crisis.

Currently, more than 50,000 people in the United States suffer from coronavirus, an increase of about 64% from the beginning of October.

The country’s average daily mortality rate has also risen again, although it is still below the level at the beginning of the pandemic.

The country’s largest infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, commented in an interview with the Washington Post newspaper on Friday that there are nearly 100,000 cases in the United States, saying: “We’re in for a whole lot of hurt.”

He added that because of the colder weather driving people indoor, US “could not possibly be positioned more poorly”.

In response, White House spokesperson Judd Deere said that these comments were “unacceptable and breaking with all norms.”

The total number of coronavirus infections in the United States is close to 9.5 million. The death toll exceeds 233,000, making it the country with the highest number of cases and total deaths in the world.

At the beginning of the March and April pandemic, testing in the United States was very limited, so it is impossible to say with certainty that the virus spread faster than it was then.

But the method of infection has changed significantly.

Harvard University’s associate professor of epidemiology, Dr. Bill Hanage, Chen School of Public Health, said this week that although disease outbreaks in spring and summer are concentrated in specific areas, such as the northeast in spring and the solar belt in summer, the current epidemic reflects almost all of the country’s Regional spread has increased.

Dr. Hanage called Wednesday’s milestone “the completely foreseeable consequence of not taking pandemic management seriously.”

He said the country will see “hospitalizations and deaths increase in due course.”

Dr. Hannage said:

“This is desperately concerning.”

“Because uncontrolled transmission will end up compromising health care, and in order to preserve it, we will almost certainly end up needing to take stronger action to prevent the worst outcomes.”

He added: “Look to Europe to see the consequences of leaving it too late.”

“The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to control.”

Meanwhile, the US elections result is not out yet and Biden is just one state away from victory.

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Biden is just one state away from victory

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