US Election: Kanye West focuses on religion in official campaign video


Kanye West, best known as rapper dropped his first official campaign video on Monday afternoon. In the video he dropped just 22 days before presidential Election Day, he emphasised to focus on religion and families.

 The video shared on Twitter to his 40 million followers discussed about US citizens should focus on religion and faith to improve America. He also urged people to vote for him as a write-in candidate. In short, the one-minute-and-twenty-second video featured a strong message about religion.

He said in the video that through religion practice especially prayer, faith could be restored. West, 43, a Christian even reportedly asked political to avoid extramarital sex while working on his campaign.

 Besides, he insisted that if people turned to faith, the nation would fill with the kind of people which God intended.

Can Kanye West win the election?

Kanye West at his first presidential campaign on July 19 in North Charleston.

Kanye West at his first presidential campaign on July 19 in North Charleston.

In July, West launched his campaign for the White House on social media accounts. However, according to U.S. media, he has no mathematical chance of winning. West encountered obstacles for he missed a few crucial deadlines to get on states’ ballots. But, he still managed to appear on the California ballot as a vice-presidential candidate.

Following his campaign launch in July, many people questioned about West if he was serious about running for president. At the time, West qualified for 10 states.

In August, during an interview with Forbes, West responded to the fact that he was unlikely to win with “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.”

Federal Election Commission revealed that West spent $5.8 million for his campaign. Funding came from a $6.7 million loan from himself.

Political analysts believed that West could draw away Black supporters from Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Kanye West’s 10-point policy

On his website,, the platform sells hoodies, caps and t-shirts ranging from $40 to $160 about his campaign.

Also, the site states a 10-point policy platform. The list included policy reformation, reduction of student debt and enhancement of education system. Click here to check out the full 10-point policy list.

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