US Election 2020 : Over 90 million Americans voted

US Election 2020
Voters line up to cast their ballots outside Madison Square Garden in New York, Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020. In-person voting in the presidential election began across New York state on Saturday at polling locations including Manhattan's Madison Square Garden and Brooklyn's Barclays Center. (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey)

The U.S. presidential election has entered a countdown. The number of early voters has reached a record high. At present, more than 90 million Americans voters have voted in advance, which is about 65% of the 2016 general election.

According to Reuters, the unprecedented pomp of early voting reflects the concern of voters for the re-election of Trump and Democratic opponent Biden for the presidency of the White House.

Some voters also chose to vote by mail or go to the polling station to vote in advance to lower the risk of contracting the disease at the polling station. They were worried about the crowd on the day of the general election on Tuesday (November 3).

In the last weekend before the election, Trump and Biden went to the key swing states of Pennsylvania and Michigan to step up their votes.

Trump and Biden

Trump and Biden

Trump mocked at a rally that Biden would only talk about Coronavirus, “There is nothing else to say.”

US Election 2020

Trump said that the United States will be able to distribute coronavirus vaccines on a large scale in a few weeks.

On the other hand, Biden joined former President Obama to canvass for the first time in Michigan. Obama said to the masses that everyone can choose to “change” and choose a better America. He said that Biden will control the epidemic.

More than 90 million American voters have cast votes. In view of the new crown epidemic, Texas has introduced the Drive-Through drive-through voting policy. However, the Republicans appealed to the court against this practice. If the court declares that the policy is illegal, the approximately 100,000 votes cast will be invalidated.

Approximately 100,000 votes that have been cast may therefore be invalidated. The state court will hold an emergency hearing next Monday (November 2) to discuss whether this voting method is legal.

Dissenting opinions include conservative politician Steve Hotze and Republican Congressman Steve Toth. They accused the Harris County government of implementing drive-through voting during the new crown pandemic that exceeded the powers granted by the Constitution. There are a total of ten drive-through polling stations. The Democrat camp retorted that the Republican party’s allegations were “completely unreasonable, requiring the court to declare more than 100,000 votes cast annulled, throwing Texas into chaos.”

Steve Hotze

Steve Hotze

According to the latest poll results, Republican presidential candidate Trump lags behind his opponent Democratic candidate Biden. It is generally believed that Texas is the traditional vote of the Republican Party. If Trump wins Texas, then he still has the hope of winning the election.

Over 90 million Americans voted

With the unabated momentum of the epidemic and the weak economic recovery, the United States will usher at the end of this election in three days and give a vote of confidence in Trump’s four years in power. Statistics show that Americans’ enthusiasm for participation is unprecedentedly high. At present, more than 90 million people, accounting for more than a quarter of the total population, have voted in advance. This was breaking the historical record of American elections.

In 2016, a total of about 138 million people participated in the voting. The New York Times predicts that the number of voters in the United States may reach 150 million in this year’s election.

“I voted with the idea of ​​deciding the rest of my life.” A 60-year-old woman in Philadelphia said during an early vote. In the 20 states that released data, Democratic voters who voted early exceeded 6.9 million Republicans. However, American media analyzed that considering the latter’s preference for voting on election day. It is too early to judge the final result.


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