US Election 2020: Biden 85 electoral votes, Trump 55 electoral votes

US Election 2020
Trump temporarily won 7 states and 55 electoral votes. Democratic opponent Biden won in 9 states, holding a total of 85 electoral votes.

The current US President Trump successfully won the 4 states of Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Whereas the Democratic candidate, Biden, won 7 states of Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

Trump won 33 electoral votes from these 4 states, and Biden won 69 electoral votes from these 7 states. Total up with the electoral votes he won before, Biden currently holds 85 electoral votes, ahead of Trump’s 55 electoral votes.

In the U.S. general election, all states have ended voting. The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal predicted that Trump temporarily won 7 states and 55 electoral votes. Democratic opponent Biden won in 9 states, holding a total of 85 electoral votes.

Biden 85 electoral votes, Trump 55 electoral votes

Biden 85 electoral votes, Trump 55 electoral votes

The U.S. presidential election adopts the electoral college system. The total number of electoral votes in each state is 538, and a candidate needs to obtain more than 270 votes to be elected.

Compared with the previous state, the states where the two temporarily won have not seen any “red-blue reversal.” U.S. President Trump went to the Republican Party’s campaign headquarters in Virginia to boost morale, and he was full of confidence in the election.


Trump: “We will have a grand evening and we will have a major victory. We should look at the various ticket stations now. There are many people and people are dressed in red and wear red hats. I did not expect to lose the election or in the victory speech, I believe we only need to do one of them. Victory is easy, but failure is difficult.”



Biden returned to Wilmington, Delaware, and waited for the results of the election with his deputy He Jinli. He stated that he did not predict the election, but he was hopeful and would try his best to speak after the election day. Biden said that in Georgia and Florida, young people, women and older blacks have a high turnout rate. He believes his vote is working, but the overall election situation is still uncertain.

US Election 2020

According to CNN’s early export polls, among the factors that voters consider the most important for voting is that one in every three voters believes that the economy is the priority for voting. Also, they believe that qualified leaders can lead the country on a strong economic track. It is followed by social or political issues such as race and epidemic prevention.

According to the “New York Times” report on the election campaign, the voter turnout in this election may hit a record high. Michael P. McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida who specializes in collecting U.S. election data, told the New York Times that about 160 million U.S. voters will complete the vote. This also means that the overall turnout rate will be about 67%. This will be the United States’s highest general election turnout rate in the past century.

In addition, although Texas has not been regarded as a “swing state” in the past, the export poll of the Edson Election Research Service of the United States has analyzed that the Democratic Party regards Texas as one of the states that is expected to be reversed. The poll conducted by the research institute on Election Day shows that voters in Texas have had five to five waves on key issues such as the “border wall” and the new crown epidemic.

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