Us election : 160 million people voted

Us election
voter turnout in the 2020 election will be the highest seen in 120 years since the 1900 election, when turnout was 73.7 percent.
According to the latest statistics from the US election Project administered by the University of Florida, more than 160 million people voted in the 2020 Us election, writing the highest turnout rate in 120 years, nearly 67%.
According to data from the “U.S. Election Plan” website, more than 239 million qualified voters were eligible for this year’s election, of which 160 million participated in the presidential election. The turnout rate was 66.9%, the highest turnout rate since 1900.
Foreign media pointed out that in 1900, Republican President William McKinley defeated Democrat challenger William Jennings Bryan for re-election. At that time, the voter turnout was as high as 73.7%. Unlike in 2020, the 1900 general election had very clear results.
Republican President William McKinley defeated Democrat challenger William Jennings Bryan for re-election in 1990.

Republican President William McKinley defeated Democrat challenger William Jennings Bryan for re-election in 1990.

The initiator of the “American Election Plan”, Michael McDonald, said on Twitter on Wednesday that “the 2020 presidential election turnout rate is the highest in 120 years.” He said, “There are still quite a few speculations involving uncounted votes. I will continue to refine these estimates in the coming weeks.”
Election observers had already predicted that this year’s turnout rate would be high, partly because of the surge in mailed ballots and because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, voters went to the polls to vote early. It is estimated that more than 100 million people voted early, setting a record high.

In recent years, the US presidential election voter turnout rate has been hovering around 60%.

According to comprehensive media reports, the early voting was unprecedented. In addition to reflecting the strong interest of voters in the contest between Republican President Trump and Democratic opponent Biden for the White House, they also hope to avoid the overcrowding on general election day and exposure to the new crown pneumonia. Under risk.
The initiator of the “U.S. Election Plan” and a professor of political science at the University of Florida, MacDonald said on the 1st that he predicted in the past year that the number of voters who will vote this year will reach a record high. Originally estimated to reach 150 million, he now expects to be More people go to vote.

160 million people voted, highest in 120 years

MacDonald pointed out that he looked at each state in order and aggregated the estimates of each state into the national estimate. The total number of votes obtained was 160.2 million votes, and this year there were 239 million eligible voters.
According to statistics, more than 100 million voters voted early this time before the polling day. More than double the 47 million in the previous session. At the same time, due to the high proportion of mailed votes, it is estimated that the vote counting time will be longer than in previous years.
In terms of voting, outside a polling station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was full of voters waiting to vote. This crowded scene was seen in another swing state, Wisconsin, and the end is not visible.
U.S. President Trump said that he won all the way, and Trump even accused the Democratic Party of “stealing votes,” claiming that he would continue to vote after the voting deadline. Trump also stated that he is planning to bring the election fraud to court. But the Biden camp criticized him for making trouble.
U.S. President Trump

U.S. President Trump

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  1. Election 2020 Voter Turnout ‘at 67 Percent’, Highest in 120 Years


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