UAE plans to launch spacecraft to moon by 2024


The initiation of the moon exploration by the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has formally initiated a maiden project to explore the moon after a private meeting with their officials. The country is additionally in the pipeline of landing an unmanned spacecraft on the moon in 2024. The Emirati Prime Minister and Vice President Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the bolden endeavour on 29 September 2020.

A maiden project to explore the moon was announced after a closed-door meeting with officials. 

The primary missions of the space mission

Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum likewise revealed on Twitter that the space mission would only launch locally manufactured and developed spacecraft in the UAE. The 10 kg rover will have two high-resolution cameras, a microscopic camera, a thermal imagery camera, a probe and other equipment. The primary missions of the rover would be to closely examine how different surfaces interact with lunar particles and the parts of the moon that have not been investigated by past satellite missions. The lunar rover will then send back images and data from new sites of the moon. All the data will be processed and shared with research institutions and organizations around the world. The announcement shows the rapid expansion of the space program that bears his name.

If successful in 2024, the UAE could become the fourth nation on Earth to land a spacecraft on the moon.

UAE is the first Arab state to land a vessel on the moon

The Emirates News Agency reported the lunar rover will be named as “Rashid,” after one of the founders of the UAE, who was also “the builder of the Renaissance of Dubai.” The present UAE is a federation of seven sheikhdoms. If the latest bid in the stars effectively took off in 2024, the UAE would become the fourth ever country on the planet to have a vessel landing on the moon after the Soviet Union, the United States, and China. The UAE  would also be the first country in the Arabian Peninsula to achieve the feat. India attempted to land a spacecraft last year but failed. However, the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai did not touch on the parts of the moon that the space mission wished to uncover, The method of the launching of the spacecraft was also not clear.

The space mission would only launch locally manufactured and developed spacecraft in the UAE.

The aggressive undertaking was proposed after the UAE successfully dispatched the Mars explorer “Hope” at Japan’s Tanegashima Space Centre in July. The launching of “Hope” additionally denoted the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission. The probe should reach the red planet in February 2021. It will also be the year the UAE celebrates 50 years since the country’s formation. It is anticipated to spend two years in orbit. The probe will take images and analyze the planet’s air and changing seasons in the outer space.

Mars exploration by the UAE

In September 2019, the UAE also successfully launched the first Emirati into space onboard a Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan. The three-member crew remained in space for eight days. In September that year, Amal will start transmitting Martian atmospheric data, which will access to the international scientific community.

A successful mission to the moon would be a significant advance for the oil-reliant economy seeking a future in space. The UAE also has set the ambitious goal to construct a human colony on Mars by 2117.


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