Turkey Earthquake: 22 dead, 800 injured

A magnitude 7 earthquake occurred in the Aegean Sea, affecting Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, and the Greek island of Samos. Among them, there was a small tsunami in Samos, and the capital of Athens also felt the shock. Seawater poured into the streets of the city. So far, at least 26 people are known to have died, nearly 800 people were injured.
According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred at 1:51 pm Greek time yesterday (7:51 pm Malaysian time last night). The epicentre was 14 kilometres northeast of Karlovysi Port on Samos Island, and the focal depth was 10 kilometres, which was a shallow-layer earthquake. The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Agency stated that the magnitude was 6.6 and the focal depth was 16 kilometres. It has sent rescue and search teams to the disaster area.

US Geological Survey

The earthquake was so powerful that even Turkey’s largest city Istanbul and the Marmara region also felt the earthquake. President Erdogan promised to allocate all resources to disaster relief and said that he would stand with all citizens affected by the earthquake.

Seawater intrusion swept street debris

After the earthquake, connected buildings in Izmir tilted or even collapsed. Many citizens struggled to dig through the rubble with their bare hands to rescue the trapped. In addition, Al Jazeera reported that the earthquake triggered a small tsunami in the Seferihisar area of ​​Izmir. Internet footage showed that seawater flooded the coastal area of ​​Izmir, and turbulent currents swept street debris.
At present, the government has set up tents in the local area to house about 2,000 residents, and search and rescue personnel have rescued more than 70 people from the rubble. Search and rescue work is still continuing.
Greek residents also felt the strong earthquake, including the capital Athens. In Samos, according to Greek media reports, a large number of residents left their homes for shelter, and rocks fell in some places. In view of the fact that the earthquake will trigger a tsunami. The officials also remind residents not to go to coastal areas.
In addition, the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Agency stated that since the earthquake, 196 aftershocks have been recorded so far, 23 of which have an intensity of more than 4.

In the current disaster

However, after the earthquake, officials from both countries have sympathized with each other.
Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis said that he has called Turkish President Erdogan to condolences the families of the victims and emphasized that in the current disaster. Everyone will put aside their prejudices and unite to overcome the difficulties. Erdogan responded that the unity between the two countries in difficult times is more valuable than many things in life.

Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis

Turkish Minister of Communications Alton also expressed his willingness to provide assistance to Greece. As for another France, it will cooperate with Greece and Turkey to provide the necessary assistance.

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