Trump will not restrict on US economy over the pandemic

President Donald Trump departs Washington for campaign travel to Minnesota.

President Donald Trump doesn’t have any plan to close the United States’s economy because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the United Kingdom prime minister, Boris Johnson imposed coronavirus restrictions to their residents and the nation’s economy.

Despite an increasing case in the UK, UK Prime minister has implemented a new policy. This policy was to restrain the spreading of coronavirus.  UK Prime minister, Boris, persuades people to work from home and eating places to close at an earlier time to ease lockdown.  Boris also warns that he will implement the curfew policy for up to six months if the situation does not improve.  According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, they recorded more than 4,300 new cases of Covid-19 on Monday. This record exceeding levels last recorded in early May. This information shows that the UK latest Covid-19 cases exceeded other European countries.

Boris announces at the House of Common about new curfew policy.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the United States would implement a curfew like the United Kingdom to handle this plague. “The UK just shut down again. They just announced that they’re going to do a shutdown, and we’re not going to be doing that. “We understand the disease; we understand how to handle it.” President Donald Trump told Fox 2 Detroit during an interview at the White House.

According to Johns Hopkins private research university, The U.S. surpassed 200,000 reported cases that rank highest among all countries on Tuesday. The Covid-19 cases trend in the U.S. started to increase reporting growing the infection.

President Donald Trump has repeated for months that the U.S. will not lockdown its economy following the Covid-19 cases. Trump claims that shut down its economy will cause more harm than good. Therefore, he called on the federal government to lift limitations on residents and reopen the nation’s economy. Trump claims the U.S. would have 2 million or more fatalities if the citizen travels to other states.

Trump stated, “Our hospitals are very low now in terms of the number of patients, which is a great thing. We have tremendous capacity, and we’re making the turn.”

However, Dr Anthony Fauci warned the number of coronavirus cases daily is still too high. Forty thousand patients were reporting a day, as the average country does, should be below 10,000 patients per day. During CNN’s Citizen conference on Tuesday, Fauci stated, “Ultimately, some will lead to hospitalizations and thus will lead to deaths”. He also warned that the U.S. needs to reduce its daily number of cases. Fauci claims that it’s difficult to handle if a lot of cases floating around.


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Trump says U.S. will remain open as UK imposes coronavirus restrictions: ‘We’re not going to be doing that’

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