Trump takes key swing state of Florida

Donald Trump has been declared the winner of the election race in Florida.

According to estimates by many American media, the president of the United States has just won the state of Florida and 29 electoral college votes in the state, which is vital to his re-election. Previously, almost all American media said that if Trump wants to win re-election, he must first win Florida, otherwise it will be basically useless. The response of one of Biden’s electors is: We said before that we don’t have to win Florida.

Trump wins Florida and continues to compete

According to the latest news, Trump, the current president of the United States and Republican presidential candidate, won Florida and collected 29 electoral votes. The US presidential election continues to be stalemate, but Trump’s win in Florida points to one thing. This campaign will be an election with very close votes, and neither side will see any overwhelming results.

Trump, the current president of the United States and Republican presidential candidate

Trump, the current president of the United States and Republican presidential candidate

Trump wants to get 270 electoral votes to be re-elected. Florida and Pennsylvania are his “must win” states. Scott Trant, Director of Data Science and Campaigns at Decision Desk HQ, said, “As long as he defeated the Democratic presidential candidate Biden in Florida, Trump can simply repeat his 2016 map win. If Pennsylvania , Wisconsin and Michigan have all won, then his remaining 2016 territory is enough to get 270 electoral votes. “If Trump loses Pennsylvania and Florida, he must win 2016 Hillary Clinton. Colorado or Virginia won.

According to CNN analysis, in addition to the 125 electoral votes in the determined red state, Trump can get 208 votes if he wins Texas, Georgia, Ohio, and Arizona, plus 29 votes in Florida. 237, plus Iowa and North Carolina up to 258. With Pennsylvania again, Trump will be able to reach 278 electoral votes and be re-elected.

Florida has always been a pivotal swing state in the US presidential election. Since 1972, the state’s backing parties have reversed up to six times. The state has 29 electoral votes. For nearly a century, the Republicans have never won the White House without Florida’s help. In 2016, among the states where Trump successfully “turned red”, Florida had the most electoral votes. At that time, Trump won 49% of the vote, winning Florida by a narrow margin. In 2012, Obama surpassed Romney by a marginal advantage of less than one percentage point to win Florida State. In 2008, he defeated McCain by 2.8%.

Trump: I’m not ready to win or lose the election. I feel very good.

According to CNN, the staff started cheering as soon as Trump walked into the campaign headquarters.

“I heard that we did very well in Florida, and we did very well in Arizona. We did amazingly well in Texas,” Trump said at the time. “I heard that we did everything Very good, I think we will have a good night.”

He then told reporters: “I feel very good.”

According to the New York Times, Trump also said at the scene that he was not yet ready to win or lose the election. “I haven’t thought about winning or losing the election. I hope we will only do one of them. You know, winning is easy (better), but losing is not. For me, losing is not easy to accept.”

The report said that on the same day, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany were also present. Trump thanked the party staff and then put forward the “final instructions” for the 2020 campaign: “Continue to work immediately.”

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

CNN then quoted the director of the White House Communications Office as saying that on the evening of the 3rd local time, Trump returned to the East Wing of the White House to watch the election results, and his senior staff and family members were also with him.

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