Trump ‘feels much better’ after tested positive

US President Donald Trump has tested positive for Covid-19 along with First Lady Melania Trump, will continue to perform his duties.

Update on the condition of US President Donald J. Trump at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, 03 October 2020.

US President Donald Trump has tested positive for Covid-19 along with First Lady Melania Trump,  nonetheless, both are “well” and will continue to perform his duties while quarantined in the White House.

Trump, who first announced the news of his positive test shortly before on Twitter, wrote: “We will get through this TOGETHER!”

Trump has contracted the coronavirus. He released a video on Twitter today saying he is feeling better. He plans to return to work soon, according to the Sputnik News Agency.

Trump thanked the doctors and all medical professionals at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.  He appears to have recorded the video.

In the video, he explained “I came here, wasn’t feeling so well, I feel much better now, we are working hard to get me all the way back,”

During the four-minute video, Trump thanked his supporters and said he was fighting for all Americans.

The president said he had been told to stay at the White House amid the coronavirus pandemic, but he could not stay locked up because, as a leader, it is his duty to confront problems.

“Over the next period of a few days I guess that’s the real test, so we’ll see what happens over that next couple of days.

“I’ll be back soon and I look forward to finishing up the campaign. We are going to beat this coronavirus or whatever you’re gonna call it and we’re gonna beat it soundly.”

Besides, Trump said his wife Melania was feeling well as she is younger and young people tend to experience milder symptoms of Covid-19.

It’s not clear when this video was recorded.

Mitch McConnell- US Senate Majority Leader Has Spoken

He wrote on Twitter earlier on Saturday that he had talked to Trump over the phone and that the president sounded “well.”

“Just had another great call with @POTUS. He sounds well and says he’s feeling good.  Let’s keep our President & First Lady in our prayers,” McConnell said.

Dr Sean Conley – The White House Physician of Trump Has Spoken

He told a media briefing that the president was doing “very well” and was responding positively to treatment.

He added the US president was experiencing mild symptoms. Trump is in good spirits and would continue working through the presidential election in November as well as remain on the presidential ballot. Here are the full clips:

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