Top news: Apple’s ambiguous claims that iPhones are waterproof causes fines in Italy

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Top news: Nowadays, we can see that having the ‘water-resistant’ feature is a must-have on smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers cannot resist showing cool advertisements with footage showing their phones surviving in huge amounts of water.

One of the top news today features Apple facing fines. Unfortunately for Apple, the misleading advertisement of their iPhone products cost them a whopping amount of RM 49.4 Million. In fact, the false claims of water resistance in the iPhone products caused Italy’s antitrust regulator AGCM to dish out the fines.

Being waterproof (with IP68 and IP67 ratings) is one of the features that Apple presented for their iPhones. They should be able to withstand water for up to half an hour at depths starting from 1m to 4m.

An Italian watchdog criticized Apple for its ‘aggressive business practice’ for Apple refusing to fix under warranty liquid-related damage.

On its website, Apple says most up-to-date iPhone models are splash, water, and mud resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions.

It also warns consumers to avoid “swimming or bathing along with your iPhone”, “exposing your iPhone to pressurized water or high-velocity water”, and “intentionally submerging your iPhone in the water”. However, Apple Italy failed to immediately leave a comment regarding the situation. This causes people to have more distrust in the brand as they are unwilling to resolve the situation quickly.

It is advisable for owners of waterproof phones to treat it as a enhanced safety feature in case of an accident. The owners of these waterproof phones should also not try to purposefully dip their phones in water for ‘fun’.


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