Top 5 concept art pieces from Pixar’s Soul


Viewers get to see for the first time how the talented animators and artists behind Soul gave the film its speciality. The revolutionizing 3D animation of Pixar’s Soul was excellent in that it successfully wowed many audiences. Art

Top 5: Mr Mittens

Mr Mittens is the cute therapy cat who stays with Joe while he’s in the hospital. In the end, Joe’s soul ended up in the cat’s body and he is eager to leave the Great Before. He tried to jump out from the Zone back into the physical world too fast.

Although Mr Mittens might not be as realistic as the cat from Toy Story 4, he still has an astonishing, cartoony design that harkens back to classic Disney.

Top 4: Jerry

Unlike anything Pixar has done before, animators must be excited to wok on counsellor Jerry’s abstract design.

Just from this concept art, it’s clear the artists enjoyed designing the character and experimenting with different expressions and poses for them.

Top 3: The Barbershop

The Barbershop in the film has greatly represented the movie’ core – lots of heart.

The design of the building is incredibly realistic and the setting let Pixar’s animators to experiment with Black hair in all of its glory. Moreover, this concept of art provides the same welcoming vibes as the completed product. Clearly, it was an excellent guide for all the animators and artists involved.

Top 2: Outside The Half Note


One of the movie’s best locations is The Half Note Jazz Club, and it’s here that Joe has his most confident image.

The concept of art makes audiences want to enter the movie, to involve in the lively atmosphere and marvel at the adroit performers. The exterior is just as striking, giving an uncrowded, picturesque of the beauty of New York.

Top 1: Humans in Soul form


The character designs of Soul is at its best in the human world. According to many reviews, the Soul world that filled with blue blobs looks toyetic and simple.

This art piece captures a diverse group of people, united by their humanity and boiled down to their most important characteristics.  It’s interesting to try to guess how they fared from Earth and when they got their “spark”.


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