Top 5 best gaming TV in 2020


It is convincing enough to get one best gaming TV to show off every visual evolution that is available. It is a waste if the TV screen is a pixelated mess no matter how advance your console is.

With the technology of 4K resolution, lower input lag and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, it makes a TV better for gaming than watching a movie. So you should be on the hunt for the best gaming TVs.

Here show the best gaming TVs available today, from one of the latest Samsung QLEDs to TCL TV.

1. Best gaming TV: Samsung Q80T QLED TV

This is the cheapest 2020 QLED with a full-array backlight. From the model name, we can see that it is the successor to last year’s Q70R. Q80T has beaten Q70R’s 14ms input lag with a relatively low 8.7ms.

The external of the television is plainer than some of the higher-end QLEDs out there, such as the zero-bezel Q950TS 8K LED. With Al-enhanced images and bright HDR, it is indeed an excellent choice for viewer-gamers to buy this TV.

2. Best for colour: LG B9 OLED

It is admiring when it comes to colour aspect as this TV delivers gorgeously rich, deep black colours with no clouding issues at all.

The B9 LED no longer dims the picture down heavily when it is in low-latency HDR Game mode. It is great news for gamers to hear since it is unlike the previous two predecessors. Moreover, the darkest pixel in an OLED picture with no adulteration gives C9 LED a perfect quality, especially during dark game settings.

3. Smooth action: Sony Bravia XH95/X950H Series

Compare to Sony X950G, X950H has a big improvement where it adds a second amplifier for clearer audio effect separation. The front speakers are also reshaped into an almond shape to spread sound better to the sides for a wider soundstage.

Apart from that, the HDR who has Triluminous colour recreation and full array backlight makes games like Spider-Man on PS4 Pro fantastic.

4. Gaming every day: Samsung TU8000 Series

This TV is a great budget pick with spectacular low input lag and motion handling technology that maintain the smoothness of the screen.

Although it does not have all gaming technologies, this TV is still a set that provides all basics suitable for everyday gamers.

5. Only for US gamers: TCL 6-Series

Realistically, the vast majority of US people had a budget spend on gaming TVs. So, the TCL 6-Series is probably the best TV to get for low budget US gamers. Although there are few minor flaws, its performance and picture quality are still stunning.


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