Tokyo COVID-19 cases hit record, new strain arrives before New Year holiday


Tokyo reported a record rise in coronavirus cases on Saturday. As Japan experiences a surge that now includes a new, fast-spreading strain while the govt urges people to remain home.

Infections of the virus that causes COVID-19 hit a record 949 within the capital. Even as Japan heads into New Year holidays that normally see people stream from the capital into the provinces.

There is no changes in serious cases from daily earlier at 81.

UK COVID variant in Japan

Japan on Friday reported its first cases of a fast-spreading variant in passengers strolling back from Britain. The new variant has also been detected in a very man who visited that country. Also a loved one – the first cases of infected people found outside airport checks – Nippon TV reported on Saturday.

Tokyo transport hubs were quiet, local media said. A day after Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, struggling as cases still climb, urged the state to remain home and avoid social mixing.

With New Year celebrations centered around family gatherings and mass visits to temples and shrines. Experts have warned moderation are going to be essential to stop infection rates from rising further amid concerns of pandemic fatigue.

Suga’s initial political honeymoon after taking his post in September has ended. Together with his popularity sliding after criticism he was slow to react to rising infections in Tokyo. Also for attending a group steak dinner in defiance of his own involves restraint.

The spread of the virus in Tokyo contrasts with another hotspot, the northern island of Hokkaido, where case numbers have fallen from a November peak.

Japan has decided to ban all new entries of foreign nationals from Dec. 28 to the top of January following the detection of a brand new variant of the coronavirus in arrivals from Britain, Nikkei reported on Saturday.


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