Tips on mastering a video interview

Today, companies are leaning on technology to fulfil their recruiting needs. Video interviewing is one of the methods. It can ultimately speed up the hiring process compared to traditional methods. So, here are a few helpful tips for you to ace your video interview.

Test your tech before the video interview

If you are using a laptop or tablet for the interview, make sure you have fully charged your device before the interview. Besides, test the connection of your device 10-15 minutes beforehand. This will ensure you to have a strong Wifi connection during the interview, and you will be more prepared. Also, it is best to use a device with a larger screen and avoid using a smartphone or a small device for the interview.

According to an experienced Lead Market Recruiter, she has encountered interviewees that have bad lighting and that they cannot figure out how to turn on the sound of the videos. These issues showed that the interviewees are unprepared. Therefore, she recommends setting up 10minutes before the interview to avoid these incidents from happening.

Clear unnecessary distractions

Computer’s microphones are particularly sensitive when it comes to picking up the noise around you. Therefore, if you are interviewing at home, always ensure that you are in a quiet room. It is best to turn off your handphones or any devices alerts during the interview to avoid getting thrown off by these notifications.

Examples of interview outfits.

Dress for the occasion

Dressing only to the waist up may not be the best idea for a video interview. You should dress how you normally would during a face-to-face interview. A word of caution is to avoid wearing flashy, colourful clothes and choose clothes that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Be focused

It is vital to make eye contact with the interviewer during the video interviews. Making eye contact means that you are looking at the front camera and not the picture image of yourself. Always ensure an appropriate distance between you and your camera and have some hand gestures and good posture during the interview.

Prepare questions beforehand

It is important to make the interviewer feel that you are engaged and interested in the opportunity given, especially when it comes to a video interview. To do so, you need to try to make yourself curious by asking constructive questions. Here is an extra tip. Prepare a note beside you so you can jot down the answers given by the interviewer. It will make you look excited to know more about the company, culture, position and eventually end on a good note.


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