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Studying is something we humans often have to do. Most of the times, it is for a test that we need to sit for. However, there is a huge misconception that in order to study effectively, we must sit and read the notes for long hours. In fact, reading notes for long hours is one of the worst methods to study. This is because it is not time efficient, neither will you remember everything that you have read. This is because your brain will always think that ‘I know this. I know this.’ whenever you reread your notes.

1) Space out your studying time.

Do not try to cram information all in at the last minute. Always remember to space out the studying times. The best way to make sure of that is by scheduling your subject study times. For example, you can study biology for 30 minutes on Tuesday and study for another 30 minutes on Wednesday. This is going to be much more effective than studying a whole 1 hour on Tuesday.

2) Steer clear of distractions.

Whenever you are studying, it is best to turn your phone into silent mode to prevent any distractions from text messages. It is also advisable to make sure the environment around you is silent or at the very least have only soft music playing.

3) test yourself every time.

After you finish studying a chapter or a certain topic, it is always a smart idea to test yourself out and ask yourself questions. For example, if you were learning about the Great Wall of China. Ask yourself, why was it built? How was it built?

4) Pay attention in class

What could be more important than paying attention to what the teacher teaches in class? If you pay close attention to whatever the teacher teaches, it is likely you will remember most, if not all, of whatever was taught.

5) Use graphs and charts

Visualizing aids are usually a great way to remember things. Try to extract the key points in your notes and condense them into a huge chart so it is easy to visualize all of them into one.

6) Sleep well and eat well

You are definitely not going to study things well if you do not nourish yourself with good food and sufficient sleep. Skip the junk food and eat proper healthy meals. Skip burning the midnight oil and sleep well to get prepared for the test the next day

Key Takeaways:

Always remember, a test is just a challenge of your knowledge that you have acquired through learning. Do not panic and always keep your calm. That way, you will remember a lot of things and succeed.



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