Tips for the perfect work apology in Malaysia

Tips For The Perfect Work Apology in Malaysia

It is perfectly normal to make mistakes. However, it is also extremely crucial to apologize and own up to the mistakes you have made. If you create a huge mistake, it is vital to contemplate the most effective way to apologize for the mishap, whether it’s to your boss, employees or co-workers. Especially as a manager, the primary step toward apologizing is your mindset: you’ve got to own your mistakes. Here are a few tips for the perfect work apology in Malaysia.

Tips for the perfect work apology in Malaysia

Tips For The Perfect Work Apology in Malaysia: Apologize as soon as possible

1. Apologize as soon as possible.

By issuing an apology quickly, you are acknowledging that you made a mistake and truly regret it. Sometimes, especially for minor transgressions, such as arriving late for lunch with a colleague, an apology is accepted quickly. However, when apologizing for a particularly awful transgression, you might need to wait a few hours or even a day for everyone involved to process the situation to accept the apology.

2. Give no excuses.

By giving excuses for your mistake, you are not taking responsibility for your actions. Be sure to say the words “I am sorry” or “I apologize” to express your remorse clearly. Including reasons for your actions makes it seems like you are excusing yourself from the mistake and not really sorry.

3. Take responsibility.

After saying you are sorry, clearly and concisely acknowledge what it is you did wrong. For example, you can say “when I did not hand in my assignment for our group project, I let down the entire team.” Admit to the rule or norm that you violated to take responsibility for your specific mistake.

4. Explain how you will fix the mistake.

In addition to saying why you are sorry, explain how you will prevent the issue from reoccurring. For example, if you missed a deadline for a team assignment, explain to your colleagues that you have organized your schedule in a way that will prevent you from missing future deadlines. Solely telling others that the mistake will not be repeated is not sufficient unless you explain the steps you will take to ensure it doesn’t reoccur. You might also consider asking the person to whom you are apologizing if there is anything you can do to remedy the situation.

5. Suggest a plan or solution.

As a follow-up from the tip above, suggest a plan, talk through a solution, or mention a way you can help rectify the situation. This is the second stage to shifting the discussion away from the mistake and toward a positive outcome. By communicating your willingness to help, you back up the lesson you learned from the mistake with meaningful action.

If you follow these steps, you’ll put yourself in the best position possible after a big mistake in the workplace. Each situation is different, but if you follow this plan, your co-workers, manager, or employees will eventually come around.

Tips For The Perfect Work Apology in Malaysia: Keep your word

6. Keep your word.

If you say you will work harder at responding promptly to emails, then stay true to your word to show others that your apology is genuine. By following through with your solution, you are also showing others that you can be trusted.

7. Consider the method.

Some apologies need to be said in person. For example, if you made a large mistake with your boss, you may need to meet in person to discuss the transgression in detail. However, if you are uncomfortable dealing with these situations in person, or if you may become too upset or say something incorrectly, you may want to send an apology email. You can also choose a middle ground, for which you apologize via email and ask the person if they want to meet in person to discuss the matter further.

Key takeaways

Apologizing can be awkward and embarrassing at times. Embrace the awkwardness and weirdness of the situation. Remind yourself that apologizing properly is an exercise in good character before anything else.


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