The World’s First 3D Makeup Printer

makeup printer

In today’s modern world, beauty and technology industry is currently colliding and as a result, a 3D makeup printer is created. This world’s first 3D portable makeup printer goes by the name of The Mink. With this product, you can create your own cosmetics anywhere, anytime just by pressing a button.


The idea of Mink makeup printer

The idea of this 3D makeup printer isn’t a completely new concept. CEO, co-founder Grace Choi and her team debuted the Mink printer concept in 2014 at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. Since then, they have worked very hard to refine every detail and get the products to meet their standards. 

The idea of Mink stemmed from the digitalization in our generation. “Beauty content continues to move digital and away from traditional TV and print,” says Choi in a press release.


How does it work?

You simply download the Mink app and choose an image to import. The image can be from the Web, your camera roll, or Instagram. After that, choose whether to print the entire image or just a single colour. After making your decision, insert a Mink makeup sheet into the printer’s tray and hit send to print. 15 seconds later, your makeup is ready to apply on a light and portable square sheet. This square sheet is very user-friendly as it is convenient for you to touch-up or packing it when travelling.

makeup printer

Here is an image created by Mink.

Besides, this 3D makeup printer can print up to 16.7 million colours, so you can create almost any makeup shade imaginably. In addition, Choi said the shelf life of the printed pigments can last for about two weeks when kept covered in the plastic film. This comes in handy as you don’t need to worry that it will smudge anywhere.



Mink may revolutionize how we see, use and buy makeup. With eye shadow palettes being more elaborate with packaging and price, having a makeup printer that can create any colour is utterly convenient. 




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The Mink, the World’s First-Ever 3D Portable Makeup Printer, Is Officially Available for Pre-Order


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