The White House welcomes the “first dog” again

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Just like other members of the First Family, the pets living in the White House have also become the focus of media and public attention!

After several days of counting the votes for the 2020 presidential election in the United States, the Democratic candidate Biden finally took the lead in obtaining 270 votes, reaching the threshold for election and becoming the next new owner of the White House. Since Trump doesn’t like dogs, he became the first American president who has not to own the “first dog” in decades after taking office. Now that the White House is about to change hands, Biden’s dogs Major and Champ will also move into the White House with their owners. One of them will be the first search and rescue dog to stay in the White House.

Major and Champ

Biden and his wife Jill currently raise two German shepherds, Major and Champ. In fact, Biden loves dogs and became obsessed. At the time of the campaign, he also assembled a number of dog videos wearing Biden support uniforms or tied to support scarves to canvass votes. He took the photo and wrote, “Let the dogs go back to the White House.”

In particular, Major is a dog adopted by the Bidens from the Humane Society of Dalava, and now it will be the first dog born as the first rescue dog in history. Champ has been in the Biden family for 12 years. Biden said that he named it Champ because Biden’s father told him when his life was full of challenges, “Stand up, champion!”

Major and Champ.

Major and Champ

Why does Trump not owning a dog before?

Almost all previous U.S. presidents have own dogs and brought them into the White House. Trump previously said, “I don’t mind raising a dog, but I don’t have time to spend time with it. What do you think of my dog ​​walking on the White House lawn?” Then he put on an expression of disdain, and related videos also It was made a big fuss by the Biden camp. Not only that, Trump once said that keeping a dog is a fake. Now that Biden is elected as the next President of the United States, so the White House will re-welcome the arrival of the first dog in the next four years.

Trump previously said, "I don't mind raising a dog, but I don't have time to spend time with it.

The last time we could see a dog in the White House was four years ago with former President Barack Obama and his pet black Portuguese water dog Bo. Not just Obama, former President George W. Bush also owns a Scottish Terrier named “Barney”; former President Bill Clinton also has a Rab Rado dog “Buddy” (Buddy). However, Trump did not keep pet dogs because of his well-known cleanliness addiction.

Former President Barack Obama and his pet black Portuguese water dog

Former President Barack Obama and his pet black Portuguese water dog

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