The Mandalorian Dark Troopers’ new design and powers

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The Mandalorian Dark Troopers' new design and powers

The Mandalorian season 2, episode 6, “Chapter 14: The Tragedy”  has provided a first look at The Mandalorian’s version of the Dark Troopers. To fight Moff Gideon’s Stormtroopers, Fennec Shand, Boba Fett and Din Djarin deploy elite Drak Troopers to seize the vulnerable Jedi child Grogu.

About Dark Troopers

The Mandalorian: Dark Troopers Explained | Warp Gate News

Dark Troopers are heavily armoured and armed Imperial battle droids. They were known as a more expensive and effective Imperial answer to the Separatist Alliance’s cheap B2 Super Battle Droids. Besides, they are also referenced in Star Wars Rebels, which featured deadly Imperial DT-Series Sentry Droids.

In 2014’s mobile game Star Wars: Commander feature the Drak Troopers as an elite Imperial ground unit. They are designated as “Phase II Dark Troopers,” and the Dark Trooper Program they took part is referenced four years later in the Dawn of Rebellion sourcebook.

The Dark Troopers’ new design of armour explained

In the DT-series Sentry Droids from Rebels, the armour of the current canon’s Dark Troopers appeared in it. From the “DT” designation of body structure, we can assume that the sentry droid is an earlier phase of Dark Trooper. Moreover, the Imperial sentry droids’ armour plating is very effective against blasters.

If Moff Gideon’s upgrade his Dark Troopers to combat version, their armour plating is most likely to be more efficient. This includes defending against blaster bolts than the droids Grand Admiral Thrawn faced.

The Dark Troopers’ powers in The Mandalorian

The Dark Troopers in The Mandalorian have not attacked anyone so far. However, the Phase II Dark Troopers and the DT-Sentry Droids in Star Wars: Commander have built-in weaponry.

Moff Gideon’s Dark Troopers who appeared briefly in The Mandalorian only showed little capabilities. Unlike the DT sentry droid or the Phase II models, the Dark Troopers have built-in jetpacks in Chapter 14.

Considering how dangerous Grogu is, Gideon has deployed the Dark Troopers to capture the child and return. This has shown that they are possibly some of the most durable and deadliest Imperial military units.

Furthermore, the Chapter 14’s concept art has previewed the Dark Troopers’ weaponry. It shows them carrying huge blaster rifles, most probably an E-11 variant. One picture also shows them carrying heavy repeating blasters, similar to Z-6 blasters.


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