The best Malaysian snacks to savour

Malaysian snacks

Since Malaysia is a country with a multitude of races, it is a melting pot of different cultures. Therefore, there are huge amounts of Malaysian snacks that are available for you to savour and enjoy. Munch on these whenever and wherever as they are very easy to bring around. Some may even fit into your pocket.

1) Murukku

Originated from South India, this snack is made by frying flour mixed with Indian spices. It is famously known for its curly shape and its crunchy texture. However, it is normally only served during the festival of Deepavali so it may be hard to find.

2) Pocky

This famous biscuit brand is not only famous in Malaysia, but in various other countries including Korea, Japan and Singapore. It is a long thin biscuit covered in flavoured frosting. There is a ton of different flavours including strawberry, chocolate, matcha and mango.

Malaysian snacks

3) Tao kae noi

A very popular and well-loved seaweed snack brand that is often seen in supermarkets. The seaweed snacks come in different flavours, such as spicy, normal and wasabi.

Oriental style biscuits, known as ‘Tambun Biscuit’ in Penang, isolated on white

4) Tambun biscuit

It is a very famous Penang delicacy made from wheat flour, sugar, green bean paste, fried onions and salt. These are literally bite-sized heavens in your mouth.

5) Mamee monster

Ahh yes, the good old times. This is a very classic snack known by all Malaysians. It is a dry noodle snack paired with many different seasonings. All you have to do is pour the seasonings in the packet, shake it, and you are ready to munch.

Malaysian snacks

6) Super ring

Once again, a very old and classic snack that all Malaysians know and love. It is a ring-shaped soft biscuit covered in cheese-flavoured seasoning.

7) ais Potong

A cold confectionary in the shape of a long tube, it is an all-time favourite by young Malaysian kids as it is cheaper and tastes almost as good as ice cream. It normally comes in many different flavors ranging from red bean to lime.

Malaysian snacks

8) Mister potato

Once again, a very desired potato chip brand that is favored by all Malaysians. It is very crunchy and crispy which makes it so desirable.

Key takeaways

Also, as there are many snacks to enjoy, make sure to control your consumption as they are junk food. They are generally bad for your health and high in calories, which may lead to obesity. Therefore, enjoy responsibly and have fun trying them out!


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