The Animation Series Zoom Backgrounds: Batman

Celebrate classic 90s animation with Batman: the animated series Zoom Backgrounds.

Best virtual 90s classic animation Batman backgrounds for your next video conference used in Hangouts, Houseparty or Batcave.

When reading Batman comics, what sounds do you hear in your head? For many kids in the 90s, Bruce Wayne/Dark Knight has a calm, commanding voice that belongs to the dubbing legend Kevin Conroy.

Why Batman is so famous?

Kevin is just one of the reasons why “Batman: The Animated Series” was so popular in the 1990s. Its black and dark decorative aesthetics still have an impact on cartoons today. If you want to express your appreciation for the series in the next virtual meeting and imitate the animated Batman when imitating, please check out these nine official Batman Zoom backgrounds released by DC Comics. Those are take from the show. The following are the top five most popular in Batman: Animated set, and the other official wallpapers thereafter are inspired by the classic Batman comics of DC past and present.

The virtual background with Batman logo.

The "Batman" city.


Just click on the desired image and then click “Save As” to get the maximum resolution. You can find instructions on changing the “zoom” background here. But of course, you can also use the same image for Hangouts, Microsoft Team, Houseparty, etc.

More Batman backgrounds!

DC’s first virtual background featured pages from its famous graphic novels, such as scenes from Batcave and Arkham Asylum.

At the same time, its Gotham City set showcased 2010 comic classics such as Scott Snyder and Grant Morrison. This is our favorite, and some background information.

The great bat signal background above has drawn by Greg Capullo, who together with writer Scott Snyder created the best Batman storyline in nearly a decade. Owl Court, Endgame, Overweight/Storm (both stories feature James Gordon as the mech Batman but Bruce Wayne is absent) and the one-off Batman after the end: Last Knight on Earth.Animation

This virtual Batmobile background was created by Patrick Gleason, who is as proficient as Mangaka, and behind him and the scribe Peter Tomasi are the wonderful years from 2011 to 2015 behind the scenes of the “Batman” and “Robin” series. Robin Rises, the last two of which revolve around the death and resurrection of the newest and greatest Robin Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce.Animation

Some Classic Backgrond

The first Batman and Robin series film from 2009 was produced by the great Grant Morrison. He played the original Robin Dick Grayson as Batman Against the demon. Read the Batman and Robin Must Die! graphic novel of this storyline, pay attention to the last issue. It has been arranged as a surrealist series of paintings. DC has never decided to collect it in its trade version.

Dick’s chunky Batmobile is the vehicle you monitor above, drawn by Frank Quitely.



For some retro things, you will not misunderstand the panel of the recent Batman ’66 show. It is based on the classic Batman TV series from the 1960s.

If you are looking for a comic book that continues the story of the 1990s “Batman: Animated Series”, please note that the series that DC Comics started this month is worth reading,  Batman: The Adventures Continue. Even in the 1990s style, there is a revision of with the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles!

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Celebrate classic ’90s animation with Batman: The Animated Series Zoom Backgrounds

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