Thai demonstrators want prime minister to resign within 3 days


Anti-government demonstrations in Thailand continued. Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched to the government headquarters last night, demanding that Prime Minister Prayut resign within 3 days and release the arrested demonstrators, otherwise more demonstrations will be launched.

Prayut has sent a representative to receive the petition letter, and the other party promised that the letter will be handed over to Prayut. She said, “As long as he does not resign one day, our struggle will not stop. If he does not resign within 3 days, he will face the people again.”

The police arrested Pasharavali and charged with violating the state of an emergency order. This is because Pasharavali was participating in the demonstration last Thursday. When she was taken away, she said she was not worried, thinking it was just a government game.

Thailand demonstration

Pasharavali said that the court considered that the charges against her were not serious and that she still needed to go to school, so she was allowed to go out without a guarantee.

Thai anti-government demonstrators continued to rally in the capital Bangkok on Wednesday. They marched to the Prime Minister’s Office and made two major demands within three days, demanding Prime Minister Prayuth to resign and release the arrested demonstrators.

Prayut made a televised speech earlier in the evening, saying that he was the first to show goodwill and was preparing to lift the state of emergency in Bangkok.

Thousands of demonstrators marched from the Victory Monument to the Prime Minister’s Office. The atmosphere was tense, but they finally reached a bridge outside the Prime Minister’s Office.

They showed a huge prime minister’s resignation letter and handed it to government representatives, demanding that their demands be fulfilled. Otherwise, the demonstrators will return to the prime minister’s office once the deadline expires.

Protesters in Thailand

Earlier that day, a group of people wearing yellow clothes and supporting the royal family had a physical conflict with the demonstrating students on the campus of Ramkhamhaeng University. The students then left and moved to a police station to continue their assembly. The school also decided to close the campus gate to prevent the conflict from recurring. Other local governments also held rallies to support the royal family on the same day.

Prayut delivered a speech in the evening. According to the content obtained by the media beforehand, he said that he took the lead to cool the situation. “I am preparing to lift the state of emergency in Bangkok. If there is no violence, I will do so immediately.” He also said that both sides must now step back. Otherwise, the situation will easily fall into chaos, and all parties will not be able to control it.

They want the prime minister  to step down within 3 days

Regarding the demands of the protesters, Prayuth said that the resolution of differences by the Parliament can balance the needs of all parties. The Cabinet has approved the Congress to hold a special meeting next Monday, which is currently subject to royal approval. He admitted that this is a slow process, but to avoid injury to the country; in order to show maturity and patience, one must take the middle course, and street action may not necessarily win.

Prayut referred to the police-civilian conflict last Friday. He said that except for a few extremely violent demonstrators who attacked police officers. Most of the other demonstrators who may violate the law are peaceful and well-intentioned. They sincerely hope that society and the country will improve. As for the police shooting water cannons at the demonstrators during the clearing that night, he admitted that it would not make society better.

When the political situation in Thailand was tense, a military convoy composed of 14 infantry armored vehicles appeared in Chonburi province east of Bangkok. This was causing public opinion to speculate whether a coup is imminent. A military spokesman dismissed rumours of an attempted coup on Wednesday, saying that the convoy was heading to a military installation in Saraburi province and was driving on the road east of Bangkok.


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Thai protesters give prime minister three days to resign


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