Thai anti government group takes protest in Bangkok

Thai anti government group

BANGKOK: Thai anti government group demonstrators today protested with a duck parade and speeches in Bangkok’s outskirts calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a new constitution and monarchy reforms.

Despite threats by Prayuth, a former junta chief, to use all available laws against protesters who violate them and charges of undermining the monarchy against several protest leaders, protests have escalated this week.

Hundreds of people gathered in Nonthaburi and Bang Na, respectively, in the northwest and southeast of Bangkok.

“We’ve had a cynical dictatorship for so many years. “One 24-year-old recent graduate, who gave only her nickname “A,” said We want an election where our voices are really heard.

Protesters are demanding the expulsion of Prayuth, accusing him last year of manipulating an election to retain power that he seized in a 2014 coup from an elected government. He said that the vote was fair and he was not going to resign.

By demanding changes to curb the powers of King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s monarchy, demonstrators have also violated taboos. They are saying the institution has allowed decades of military dominance.

Since the demonstrations started, the palace has not commented. The king has said that the demonstrators are loved “all the same” amid the protests.


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Thai anti government group takes protest into Bangkok suburbs

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