Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ gets mixed reviews


Tesla has released its early version of “full self-driving” software to a small group of Tesla enthusiasts. Their response appeared to be both fascinated and alarmed by their Tesla experience so far.

Tesla’s full self-driving function

Tesla has long promoted the idea that vehicles will one-day drive passenger from one location to another without human intervention. Besides, Tesla also pushed out many features before other brands. These features include lane-keeping on highways and traffic light detection. Now, its “full self-driving” function has finally arrived. On October 20, the company has provided an unfinished version of the software to a group of beta testers. Since then, at least six beta testers have posted their first impression of this software on their social media.

According to CNN Business News, here are some reviews of the experiment.

Review on this experiment 


There are different kind of reviews towards the full self-driving software. At times the testers are impressed with it, in other cases, the testers think that it is overly cautious. These review videos also show an unsafe situation by Tesla as the car does not understand the traffic well enough.

For instance, a tester posted videos online in which Tesla nearly drives off the road or into a median. He is not the only driver who has trouble while testing the software. In videos reviewed by CNN Business, Teslas appear to blow through red lights, miss turn, speed over speed bumps, stop well short of intersections, make a turn from the wrong lane, and it nearly rear-ends a parked car.

Conclusion of the experiment

From the review of these drivers beta, it seems that there is still some work need to be done by Tesla. To conclude, Tesla’s technology cannot match human performance immediately. That is because its artificial intelligence-powered system needs real-world experience to gather data, while at the same time learn and improve from these data.



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‘I’m not drunk, it’s my car:’ Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ gets mixed reviews



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