Technology Trends in Healthcare

In today modern world, technology is vital for us. It has affected us in many fields, and one of them is healthcare. Rapid technological progress has created many tools for diagnostics and treatment.

According to Health TechZone, these are the main trends in the field in 2020:


Telemedicine prevents the obstacle of distance for treatment. Remote technologies have changed the healthcare model in the United States. As a result, patients who have limited access to providers can now gain easier access to specialists. Besides, their waiting time has also been reduced through telemedicine. This is because it stores data electronically and can then forward the documents to the right expert when needed.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Specialists can now track and prevent chronic diseases using different devices and mobile apps. This tech advances created a new phenomenon-the Internet of Medical Things. For instance, patients can use wearable devices such as ECG and EKG monitors to measure their skin temperature, blood pressure, glucose levels and more.

Consequently, everything from patient experience to profits has improved. The expert expects that the market for such devices will reach $136 billion by 2021.

Cloud Storage Systems

Many hospitals started using cloud-based platforms to store and share large files. These platforms can be public, private, or hybrid. The solutions provide efficient access to the necessary data for both patients and medical professionals. At the same time, the quality of consultations also improves accordingly.

AR and VR

The field of healthcare started to realise the importance of application for AR and VR. Nowadays, students are educated using special headsets. It is indeed important as it can enrich their experience and allow them to train in a more realistic environment.

Moreover, VR is also useful for patients with motor dysfunctions that result from a stroke.

Artificial Intelligence

Innovative machines enhanced with AI can make the diagnostic process faster and more accurate.

In addition, new algorithms are also used in medicine development. It further accelerates the creation of effective medicines as it can demonstrate chemical and biological interactions.

On-demand Healthcare

Now, the number of patients prefer to have their own schedule for healthcare services increase.

As a result, companies like Nomad Health have occurred. It is digital marketing connecting physicians with medical facilities for short-term work. On one hand, doctors can find projects that match their schedules, talents, and expertise. On the other hand, patients can find on-demand providers.


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