Techniques to Improve Your Study Habits

Techniques to Improve Your Study Habits

How to prepare for the exam? How to complete a learning task? There are actually many ways. Three methods will be included in this writing which are efficient listening method, efficient memory method and summarize the promotion method.

Efficient listening methods:

Be prepared to listen to

You must preview before listening to the class, find out the knowledge you don’t understand, find the problems, and bring the knowledge and problems to the class will be happy to solve the puzzles, and it will be easier to listen.

Participate in communication and interaction

Don’t just put yourself in the “listening” bystander, but the “listening” participant. Actively think about the questions the teacher said or put forward, and actively answer when you can answer (the benefits of answering questions) More than just performance, it can make you more focused).

Listening should combine writing and thinking

Pure listening is easy to slack, and there are few points to remember, so you must learn to organize your memories quickly.

If, for various reasons, you have knowledge that seems to be unintelligible or unintelligible, you must spend time to understand it during or after class. Otherwise, the questions will only accumulate, and in the end, you can only wait to embrace the “no three, no four” test scores.

Efficient memory method:

Learn to integrate knowledge points

Categorize the information that needs to be learned and the knowledge to be mastered, and make a mind map or knowledge point card. It will make your brain and thinking sober and easy to remember review and master. At the same time, you must learn to connect new knowledge with what you have learned. Continue to blend and improve your knowledge system. This can promote understanding and deepen memory.

Use your brain rationally

The so-called reasonable, one is to alternately review courses of different nature, such as the intersection of arts and sciences, and the intersection of history and geography, which can make different parts of the cerebral cortex excite and inhibit in turn, which is conducive to the enhancement and development of memory; the second is at the best time Learning memorization should generally be arranged in the morning and before going to bed in the evening, depending on your memory peak period.

Use efficient tools

Speed ​​reading memory is an efficient method of reading learning. Its training principle lies in activating the potential of “brain and eyes” and cultivating a reading learning method that directly reflects the eyes and brain. The main practice is to improve reading speed, concentration, memory, and comprehension. , Thinking and other aspects. After mastering it, you can quickly extract key points when reading articles and materials, promote collation and analysis, and improve understanding and memory efficiency; at the same time, the fast reading speed can also save a lot of time and do other things with ease. For specific learning, please refer to “Elite Special Whole Brain Speed ​​Reading Memory Training Software”.

Learning mind maps, mind maps are a method of concretizing radioactive thinking. After that, it is also an efficient method of organizing, promoting understanding and memory.  It can also help you think and analyze problems and plan overall. However, it is not an easy task to learn mind mapping and use it flexibly. It takes a lot of time. The “Elite Special Whole Brain Speed ​​Reading Memory Training Software” mentioned earlier.

Summarize the promotion method:

One is to summarize the test scores and learn to look at the scores correctly through the summary. Only when you look at the score correctly, you will not be blindfolded by the score. You will focus on the process of learning and the secrets behind the score.

The second is to summarize the gains and losses of the exam. After that, find out the reasons for the success or failure. This is the central task of the summary after the exam. Learning is of course expensive in the process of hard work. After all, scores are one of the symbols of knowledge and skill levels. Whether the hard work process is reasonable will often be reflected in the scores.

The third is to summarize and sort out the wrong questions. Collect the wrong questions, and make some corresponding solution ideas (if you don’t understand. You need to know how to solve this problem, and how to solve this type of problem).

The fourth is to determine the direction of efforts in the next stage through a summary.

Conclusion, there are some of the techniques to Improve your study habits.

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