Tech upgrades for face masks: translation tools, air purifiers

Today, we are forced to adapt to the new normal amid pandemic. People these days need to wear a mask outdoors in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, many technology companies have noticed this business opportunity hence started to create different models of the mask with various functions.

According to FMT news, here are some examples of the masks created:


This face mask goes by the name of “C-Face”. It comes from a Japan start-up called Donut Robotics. This mask created as a face covering to help users adhere to social distancing. At the same time, it also acts as a translator.

“C-Face” mask’s translating function works by transmitting the wearer’s speech to a smartphone through an app. It allows people to have a conversation while keeping a social distance up to 10 meters apart.

“Despite the coronavirus, we sometimes need to meet directly with each other,” Donut Robotics chief executive Taisuke Ono said.

This mask can solve this solution as it allows people such as doctors to communicate with the patients from a distance.

Besides, it can translate speech from Japanese into English, Korean and other languages. This function is especially useful when it comes to travelling.

However, this mask does not offer protection from Covid-19 on its own and is designed to be worn over a regular face covering when it goes on sale in February.

Face Mask to Protect Frontliners

Another face mask developed in Singapore is designed to protect the medics treating Covid-19 patients.

This mask has sensors that monitor the wearer’s data. For instance, these data include body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. The data will then relay to a smartphone via a Bluetooth transmitter.

“Many of these frontline workers will be exposed to patients when they are taking their vital signs,” said one of the scientists behind the invention, Loh Xian Jun.

Consequently, it will pose a health risk to the nurses, and this mask can help to reduce such risk.

In addition, its inventors say the device could also monitor vital signs of migrant workers in crowded dormitories, which causes massive virus outbreaks in Singapore this year.

LG Electronics’ Mask

South Korea’s LG Electronics has developed an air purifier mask to combat the effects of pollution in the smog-choked environment.

This futuristic white device is equipped with two filters on either side and fans to help in airflow. The filters are similar to those in the company’s home air purifiers.

According to the company, this mask can block up to 99.95% of harmful particles. Thousands have already been made available to medical staff. Besides, the company planned to roll out these masks out in the shops in the near future.



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Face masks get tech upgrades with translation tools, air purifiers


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