Tech trend: Fast planes and homeworking

Tech trend: Fast planes and homeworking

Tech trend: The year 2021 could be uncomfortable for the bosses of the world’s biggest technology firms. Efforts are accelerating to curb the power of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google’s owner Alphabet.

Technology is closer to home and has developments in technology. The services help to make homeworking easier and more secure.

Here are the tech trends in aerospace and retail for 2021.

Tech trend: Electric innovation

Pandemic has been a screw up the aerospace industry.
One of the industry’s biggest customers, the airline sector, are cancelling or delaying orders as carriers cope with a collapse in air travel.

Despite that horror show, both companies say they are committed to research and development, in particular developing planes that have a much smaller impact on the environment. In September, Airbus unveiled three concept hydrogen-powered designs.

Next year should see Airbus sign an important deal with Germany, France, Spain, and Italy to develop a large drone – the Medium Altitude Long Endurance unmanned aerial system.

The so-called Eurodrone is due to start flight testing in 2025.

Tech trend: Fast planes and homeworking

The so-called Eurodrone is due to start flight testing in 2025.

Also in 2021, watch out for an electric aircraft from Rolls-Royce called the Spirit of Innovation. The company hopes the sleek machine will break the world speed record for an electric aircraft by flying at more than 300mph.

Retail evolution

The trend towards online shopping went into overdrive, as customers were stranded at home during lockdowns. Therefore, it’s also been a disastrous year for many retailers.

Retailers that survive may face the new technology evolution in the industry.

It’s been reported that Amazon will expand its Go store chain – shops that don’t have a checkout. For customers, it would speed up shopping as they can pick up the products they want and just leave the store. A clever combination of cameras and artificial intelligence tracks what they have taken and bills them when they leave.


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