Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham ‘Trending’ on Twitter

A tweet by Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah on Twitter has stirred up an intense topic across various social platforms.

The Health director-general replied, “How about all stay at home for a while again?”. When a random Twitter user proposed to stop travelling between states, and not to rely on self quarantine.

The replies were posted after one random user questioned the different of quarantine rules. Which applied for overseas arrivals and people travelling from Sabah to other states in Malaysia.

In a reply, Dr Noor Hisham cited the example of Kedah. He questioned if all returnees from Kedah, despite testing negative, should be quarantined although the red zone was only in Kota Setar.

The “stay at home” reply which was posted at 1.37 am on Thursday (Oct 1) by Dr Noor Hisham, has since quickly attracted much attention and reply among users in lightning speed. This causes netizens to go into the split argument.

Number of COVID-19 Cases Reported on 1 October 2020

The Ministry of Health Malaysia recorded a surge to 260 Covid-19 cases today. To be surprised, all but one were locally-transmitted cases. This brings the total cases in Malaysia to an alarming state. With total cases in Malaysia to 11,484. And 1334 cases are currently active in Malaysia.

To be ironic, Health DG has announced the pandemic situation in Sabah is still under control, says Dr Noor Hisham just a week ago. Nonetheless, the worst is yet to come until today (1 October 2020). The locally transmitted cases in Sabah recorded 118 out of 260. Which shows the infection rate in Sabah is spreading extremely faster than what we are expected.

COVID-19 cases in Malaysia reported on 1 October 2020.

The Reactions from Netizens in various Social Platforms

The debates through various social media platforms, concerning the spike in the number of cases in Sabah, gears up for its polling day. Which sees politicians from all over the country travelling into and around the state to help their parties’ campaign.

Other than that, there is an issue concerning the efforts that the government have taken so far. Which includes enhancing active case screening and detection.

Many are worried that voters who have symptoms and those are under quarantine still able to participate in the election. But with a specific counter manned by the ministry’s staff. Still, the anxious for whether sufficient surveillance was practised during the election to ensure the safety of the public?

Also, various concerns regarding whether the low-income family can survive through the second lockdown. This includes students and the worried of local citizens suffering from financially and emotionally if MCO reinforced. All these have generated immense debates through various platforms.

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Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham ‘trending’ di Twitter


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