Taiwan reports its first locally transmitted COVID-19 case since April

Taiwan Covid-19
New coronavirus local cases in Taiwan, the world’s longest virus-free stripe ends. Photo Ceng Shou Yi/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Taiwan reported the first case of Covid-19 that spread locally in eight months, ending the world’s longest extended period without family infections. It reminds people that the virus has surpassed the most effective ability to contain it.

According to an official from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, an unidentified patient was confirmed to have discovered Covid-19 in Taiwan. Although we have seen cases of travelers from abroad, the last infection in the Taiwanese community was on April 12.

The recurrence of a local outbreak may derail one of the outstanding achievements of the global fight against the epidemic. Taiwan managed to keep the total number of cases at 766 by restricting travel to the island at the beginning of the outbreak and implementing strict isolation and contact tracing strategies, with only 7 deaths.

Taiwan currently ranks second in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking, which measures the best position in the Covid-19 era.
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However, the continued spread of the coronavirus worldwide means that the Taiwan authorities must remain vigilant. Since the last domestic transmission case in April, more than 300 cases have been taken away by returnees from overseas.

The absence of this virus means that people have been able to continue living in Taiwan as usual. It is about 80 miles from China’s southeast coast. Although the government still encourages the wearing of masks. But the government avoids imposing lockdowns, offices, schools, and companies are basically open. Taiwan’s successful handling of the epidemic has allowed it to escape the economic losses seen elsewhere, making it one of the few places where growth this year can still be predicted.

Taiwan’s domestic tourism industry is booming. Due to restrictions, 24 million people in Taiwan cannot go abroad for vacation. At the same time, as people buy laptops and tablets to work and study at home, external demand for Taiwan’s technology is still strong. This market is home to the major iPhone maker Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. and many chip makers.

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg believe that the economy may grow by about 2.3% this year. It is in sharp contrast with most other advanced economies in the world that are expected to fall into recession.

The virus is highly contagious, manifested in some cases with few or no symptoms. It reappears in many places that are believe to have largely eliminated. Many countries, such as Japan and South Korea, have achieved initial success in fighting the virus. With the approach of winter, they are now facing their worst outbreaks.

Other than Taiwan…

Thailand was the first country to record Covid-19 cases outside China. New Zealand had no locally transmitted infections for more than 100 days before new cases appeared.

Sixty-five days later, a new epidemic broke out in Beijing without local cases. George Gao, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He said at the time that transmission may have started a month ago. Patients with asymptomatic or mild symptoms can still shed large amounts of the virus. He said that it is also possible to lurk in a dark and humid environment and then be amplified in infected people.

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