Some did not wear face mask – public transport users

Wearing face mask is compulsory. Photo: The Star

Most public transportation users follow Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOP). However, some people still don’t understand the current rules.

In an interview, following the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in the country, passengers expressed similar concerns to transport operators about transport compliance with public operating procedures.

They said that since August 1, the government has forced the wearing of masks in public places but some are not followed suit.

Aqilah Nurzaman, 27, has used public transportation for many years. He said that some passengers did not wear masks properly.

“It is quite worrying, considering the increase in the number of cases. There is much less physical distancing during rush hour and sometimes you can see one or two persons not wearing their face masks.”

“But so far today (yesterday), I haven’t seen anyone here without a face mask yet,” she told the New Straits Times.

How about other places?

A worker at telco service promoter

Another commuter, L. Saravanan, 22, is a student who is working as a telco service promoter. He said that physical distancing would only take place in the presence of security personnel.

Shocked by the increase in new Covid-19 cases, Saravanan said that he does not mind going through another period of movement control orders that were first implemented in March.

“Not everyone follows the SOP, which means the rest of us are exposed to the virus. We should probably stay at home again to stop the spread of the virus.”

A spokesperson for Prasarana Malaysia Bhd

A spokesperson for Prasarana Malaysia Bhd said the company is concerned that breaching the rules may pose a danger to others.

“SOP compliance among commuters using Prasarana’s services is good, but there are those who take the rules for granted by not wearing face masks or not wearing them properly.

“We hope that all users will be mindful of the SOP so that we can break the chain of infection.”

On Thursday, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Wei Jiaxiong said that stricter health checks will be conducted at all public transport hubs, stations and service counters.

He said that preventive measures will be taken, including cleaning and disinfection exercises.

The announcement was made after the Sabah State election last month. The number of new cases reached triple digits again.

NST inspections showed that frontline personnel at the transportation hub strictly abide by those who do not comply with the SOP.

An auxiliary policeman stationed at KL Sentral

Zulkeple Marajil, an auxiliary police officer stationed at KL Sentral. He saw a middle-aged man wearing a mask at the front entrance of the building. He did not waste time reminding this person to wear a mask properly.

You may hear another auxiliary policeman asking visitors to provide proof of entry registration.

“That is what we mean by stricter SOP. Of course, we have been doing all of these for months now but, as we all know, there are still those who do not want to adhere to the SOP,” said Zulkeple.

“Sometimes people tell me to mind my own business when I tell them to wear their face masks. But I’m just doing my job here and I want all of us to be safe,” he added.

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Some ignore face mask rule, say public transport users

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