Social Media Companies are Fighting Election Misinformation

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Social media came under fire after Russian trolls used them to influence the Americans on the 2016 US presidential election. Therefore, social media companies said to be more well prepared this time.

However, social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been criticized by the public. This criticism is about the election between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on November 3. That is because Conservatives say social networks suppress their speech and sway the election. But the companies deny the allegations.

social media

These social media companies are dealing with this problem and are finding ways to solve it. Here are some ways:



Firstly, Facebook allows users to turn off advertisement related to politic. Users can turn it off on both the social media’s main site and Instagram. Next, Facebook and Instagram launched an online hub for US users. US users can get information related to election on this site. Facebook also removed fake accounts that mislead others and limit message forwarding on their social media.



Twitter has taken a strict move by banning political advertisements. In addition, it may delete tweets that violate its policies or temporarily lock accounts that offended the users. This social network also labelled tweets that include sensitive contents. For example, these contents include manipulated media, state-affiliated media or content from politicians and government leaders that violate its rules. Most importantly, Twitter will warn users when they are sharing a tweet that contains the disputed information.



Google made changes to its renowned search engine, blocking some suggestions related to political parties. Furthermore, this social network will ban political advertisement temporarily. At the same time, YouTube will label election videos and search results with the statement of “result may not be final”. YouTube has also banned videos containing information that will interfere with elections.



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Here’s how social media companies are fighting election misinformation

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